Common Things People Buy But Can Easily Get For Free

I’m a big fan of free stuff, heck, we all work hard for our pay so why blow your hard earned cash on stuff that you can easily get for free. Now keep in mind, business owners need and deserve to earn a living and need your support so I’m also a huge fan of the freemium business model. So, as an example, here’s a brief list of common things that people often will pay for when they cane easily get these things for free (note, this may not be practical for the business/enterprise user in all cases)

Things people pay for but really don’t have to include: Books, Music, water, bank fees, 411 calls, checking baggage, international text messages, internet access while traveling, movies (video), coffee refills, word processing / office productivity software, mobile navigtion / routing, GIS data…

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The updated Free Alaksa GIS Data resource

Ah yes, free GIS data… you know how much I love it and you likely know how I hate seeing people get ripped off buying it from data repositories (aka, data whores…) To continue my free data love today’s State spotlight gets turned onto Alaska. Check out this piece for a newly updated piece on State resources for free Alaska GIS data. I’m updating the list and going through state by state so in a couple of months the BIG, FREE data resource will be complete… think of it as a whackin pantload of data for the taking!

Free apps on Friday from Handango

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