What’s The Best Smartphone For Enterprise Solutions?

In 2006, Blackberry devices dominated the global enterprise and business community. From small to medium enterprises, including the Fortune 500 global companies, Blackberry handsets were the top choice for office/field productivity with 10 millions users in 2007, due to its high security and encryption level (which can protect one’s private data), intuitive smartphone applications such as Document viewer and push-email support, and ergonomic design brought about by its QWERTY keyboard layout. But, the consumer behavior has changed dramatically since Steve Jobs introduced the very first touchscreen smartphone in 2007 – the 1st generation iPhone

We now have a plethora of high-end gizmos from Apple, HTC, LG, Samsung, and even Huawei that could pass as a great business device. For this entry, we’ll give you our four recommended smartphones that offers a great value for your organization’s money. Enter the iPhone 5S, HTC One M8, Samsung Galaxy S 5, Nokia Lumia 1520 and others…

Photo courtesy of Karlis Dambrans via Flickr

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Mashing up Two of My Favorite Things… Coffee + Maps for Coffee walkingshed communities

Yes indeed, I take notice when I see maps of things I really enjoy, like beer and coffee! Enter these maps showing “walkable regions” for independent coffee shops in major Metropolitan areas like Brooklyn, Portland, and Seattle.

Seattle independent coffeeshop map

Seattle independent coffeeshop map

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BreweryMap and BreweryDB – Mapping Every Brewery you can think of… and then some!

There’s no doubt that GeoGeeks like beer and the BeerGeek in me also digs maps so when you combine beer + maps you definitely have a winner – enter BreweryMap!  This awesome service does a great job at mapping all the breweries in north America – and then some! Search an area and voila, using the Google maps API you are presented with all the hits as pins on a map. Click a pin to reveal the brewery logo, address, directions, and a link directly to their website. the site also provides routing capabilities so you can bplan a road trip or pub crawl – nice!  Finally, what’s way cool about this service is the awesome built-in sharing capabilities so you can easily share your favorite finds via twitter or facebook. Brewery owners will also love the very simple embed code that is provided so they can easily embed a map to their location for all to see – nice touch! Well done to the developers here and kudos to them on also providing android and iOs apps as well (the HD app for iPad is sweeeet!) – Check it out at http://www.brewerymap.com – Cheers!

Developers, See also, BreweryDB, a fully moderated, open library of breweries and beers from all around the world, a great resource to power your beer apps!



Hot Mobile Apps to Maximize Fun this Summer with Your Smartphone and iPad

Summer is a great time to load up on those handy mobile travel apps. Just in time for Memorial Day and the unofficial kick-off of summer, Sprint has shared a few tips for road warriors. Taking a road trip this summer? Here are some suggestions:

  • The TripIt trip planner helps you organize, plan and store all of your travel plans in one spot. Create a master travel itinerary with hotel, dining and shopping destinations, and access your itinerary planner on your mobile device – even share your updates on the road with friends.
  • Hotels.com app lets you browse more than 157,000 hotels in more than 60 countries, store favorites, track rewards and make reservations directly from the app. Whether traveling last minute or planning a family getaway, you can read reviews and get the best deal for your location.

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Now That’s A Cool Globe!

A little fun here as I share a pic I snapped walking through our urban core and stumbled onto a cool, little shop that was enticing people in by using Globes. Not just any globe, this place had a pretty cool piece that had a distinct red flavor going on along with a nice, metal finish… indeed geography can and is art! ;0) Do you have a killer piece of geo art or a stunning globe that you want to share with us? Ping me @gletham

Source: i.imgur.com via Glenn on Pinterest

ESRI driven Web Map Shows Where Stimulus Funds Are Going

Have you visited Recovery.gov recently? If so you may have noticed a dynamic map that shows where American Recovery and Reinvestment Act funds have been awarded as well as recipient information. ESRI is reminding us that they are the company behind the map! Some details on the app… Smartronix, the professional solutions provider heading up the redesign, uses ESRI’s ArcGIS Server to manage recovery data from federal agencies and display it on the map. ArcGIS Online services provide the basemap, and the ArcGIS API for Flex delivers easy navigation. In just a few clicks, visitors can see where stimulus funds have been invested in neighborhoods across the nation. Selecting a point on the map reveals information about each award such as amount, description, and award number.

In order to create full transparency, Recovery.gov pulls data from multiple federal government sources to display on the maps, in charts, and graphs. All of the data on the website to date has been reported by the federal agencies. During October, recovery fund recipients will begin reporting their use of funds to the government and details will be available in the interactive Recovery.gov map. See more in this ESRI PR or check out the map for yourself

Recovery.gov webmap powered by ESRI

Recovery.gov webmap powered by ESRI