Dev tip – How to Register an App with Facebook

So, you’ve been thinking about creating an app to run on facebook, so now what? Well, to begin you can take advantage of this great read from fbombmedia… enjoy!

To make sure your app reaches its full potential, you need to take advantage of the features and promotional opportunities presented by popular social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

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New standalone iPhone app for facebook – Paper

You may notice faccbook getting loads of attention on the wires this morning… that’s due to a new app called Paper – This morning, Facebook is announcing a new standalone iPhone app called Paper. Contrary to earlier rumors, it’s much more than just a news-reading app — it’s a complete reimagining of Facebook itself. Once you’ve used it, you may never want to open the standard Facebook app again. It may not replicated every feature of Facebook’s main app, but it does fulfill the majority of people’s needs. Simply put, it’s much, much better

Source: TheVerge


First Look, Instagram Video – Fast, Simple, Beautiful

Today, Instagram adds the ability for users to create and share a 15 second (max) length clip, even cooler, the user can create a 15 second long video clip collage (think stitch together several videos). Big deal you might think! Well, what’s cool about this is that Instagram videos provide video filters (13 of them!) that allow the users to create beautiful video clips (with Instagram stabilization)  to share. The usability is awesome, additionally, edits can be made easily and the app is fast and simple to use – sorry but Vine fails at this!

Key components of Instagram video are simplicity of use, beauty, and community – the key  here is community! Instagram will win this battle against others (like vine) because of the community and their engagement… plain and simple! See more about the new Instagram + video in this video recording from the press conference held by facebook

Some Instagram facts:

  • 16 billion photos shared
  • More than a billion likes every day (high engagement)
  • 130 million users
  • It’s about coming together and staying connected…

Recall, Instagram was born out of the idea of a location sharing app (Bourbon) that was designed to quickly, and simply share photos and videos in a beautiful way. This new functionality of video on Instagram completes the vision that was in Bourbon

Instagram with video is available today for iOS and Android! You can see my first Instagram video HERE

New release of Waze 3.7 gets friendly and tight with facebook!

Just in time for all that summer travel, Waze has rolled out an update via the release of waze 3.7 (for iOS and Android). The friendly travel and navigation app has gotten even more friendly with additional enhancements to connect you with friends via facebook as well as additional enhancements that help keep you connected with your friends. Some of the new functionality you can enjoy at R 3.7 include:

  • using facebook connect you can now see your friends in a handy vertical bar on the side of the map
  • facebook events will appear in your navigation list making it easy to navigate to places
  • see your friends ETA when heading to the same event
  • Real time and offline “beep beeps” at friends
  • Foursquare check in available from report menu.
  • and much more

See the official PR HERE and check out the Waze blog for their pitch about this update

Source: via Glenn on Pinterest

facebook Home (Android) now in Google Play Store

Good news for all of you facebook fanatics that happen to be sporting Android devices running OS 4+ as the much hyped facebook home app is now available for you. The app hit Play today, April 12 although I suspect many folks won’t be able to run it unless of course you have the latest Android device running the latest OS – darn, I wish I had the Google Nexus smartphone now! The service brings together all your social services into a handy environment, providing you with quick access to comments, photos and such from your services… Like I said before, I had similar functionality on some Symbian devices and also find that the Windows Phone experience also provides similar functionality… I guess we’ll just wait and see what the feedback is like (note, currently the 1 star rating seems to be the overwhelming choice of those rating the app!). Of note, for some tips on updating your Android OS on your mobile see  this post

Grab facebook Home here on Play See also this helpful page from Samsung

Super Bowl Fun – NFL Fan Map (FandomMap) created from Facebook data

Super Bowl week is here so that means more cool data visualizations.. best BBQ, tail gate hot spots, and those awesome NFL fan maps! Here’s details of a cool fan map – I’m not sure I can agree that its the best fan map “ever”, however, given that its been created by mashing up data scraped from facebook it is pretty cool! So how was this one done? Well, they used data… LOTS of it! Details… Facebook’s Data Science team has combed the more than 35 million users who have “liked” a team’s fan page, and put it into graphic form, down to the county level.

Some interesting spatial patterns emerge once you look at the data.. for example, Patriots fans tend to spread out far and wide, as do fans of the Cowboys and Steelers. Overall the data indicates that geography plays a huge role in defining the fan. Thanks to Deadsping for the map, and to my FB friend Brad Shannon from NOCO for tipping me off!

Source: via Glenn on Pinterest

How Many of Your facebook Friends Are Located? MapSocial Knows

The gang at CloverPoint in Victoria BC, Canada is doing some really cool stuff with facebook via their resource known as MapSocial. The latest addition to the service is a fun infographic building tool that lets users create a Social Graph of their friends based on location parameters harvested from their settings.

Users can quickly and easily connect to the service (through facebook) follow the prompts, and generate and share a fun visualization (infographic) to share with their friends. Here’s how it works:

Read more about the app in this short how-to article

Social Media Tip – Using facebook events

A nice idea here courtesy of Ole Seidel and the crew at Alta4 as I recently received a Facebook event invite from them (yes I follow their official page and Like them). I’m a user of facebook page Events functionality, frequently adding details of important events and webinars to our own GISuser FB page, however, I felt this use by Alta4 was quite innovative. The gang is exhibiting at InterGeo in Germany in October – you know, the biggest GeoTech event in the World!

Using FB events, they’ve added details of the event, the dates, and information about their booth stall and what they will be exhibiting. Best of all, when you do this using your own FB page you then have the ability to send a personal invitation to everyone who has Liked your page and they can also register as attending or not in order to give you an idea as to who will be meeting up with you. I felt this was a great use of facebook, something that I know many businesses struggle with. You can visit the Alta4 facebook Page here and you can also see them @INTERGEO Hannover, Halle 9, Stand E.44 Oct 9-11, 2012.

17 Year Old Pays $10 To Attend Big Brand Mobile Developer Hackathon, Wins, Gets Offer from facebook

I’ve always been a big fan of hackathons, un-events and other cool networking events… in these tough and competitive economic times the opportunities such events can provide you with can be priceless! Case in point, at the recently held Social – Loco event in San Fran a week-end hakathon was held prior to the event. Get this though, a 17 yr high school student won the hack (along with a sweet prize of $10K) and then on top of that she was apparently given an internship with Facebook via a backstage visit at Social-Loco by one of the guest keynote speakers!

the Big Brand hakathon was sponsored by Home Depot and Kraft and developers had to pay a mere $10 to take part in the competition! Awesome stuff!  See more about the hakathon HERE and check out the Social – Loco EventBrite website for details about the event or see