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Colorado Flood Data Public Information Map

TweetEsri has a fine resource to help monitor the flooding situation in Norther Colorado. The news map provides continuously updated flood data and stats from the National Weather Service and also provides users with information regarding road closures, alternative route … Continue reading

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Real Time Social Media News Map of Colorado Flood and comments

TweetEsri has churned out a public news map highlighting some of the data and social media news updates (tweets, photos, videos) from Colorado revealing the extent of the Colorado flood situation. You can jump directly to the newsmap HERE or … Continue reading

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Esri and ICMA to Host Hackstock Hackathon for #LocalGov

TweetEsri, ICMA, and MindMixer encourage developers, coders, and students in the New England area to participate in Hackstock for #LocalGov. ICMA’s government members have agreed to provide sample datasets to fuel the day’s hacking activities. Esri staff will create portals … Continue reading

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New Functionality and Features in ArcGIS 10.2

TweetArcGIS 10.2 is now shipping… have you had a chance to use it yet? Just yesterday Esri officially announced the update and key functionality including enhanced UI, real time data access and more.  Tripp Corbin has penned a few thoughts … Continue reading

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More random Notes and Observations from ESRIUC

TweetThere’s no arguing that the annual ESRIUC is a great networking opportunity, however, first and foremost, it’s a terrific educational experience. After several days my brain was swelling and over-flowing with information  and me wondering how to digest it all!  … Continue reading

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Answers… What is ArcGIS Pro?

TweetSomething new that was touted this year pre-ESRIUC and at the event was ArcGIS Pro – according to Esri, this is the future. Essentially, ArcGIS Pro is the culmination of user feedback, requests, and desired functionality. Using various forms of … Continue reading

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Cool Technology Seen at ESRIUC – Epson SureColor T Series

TweetThe ESRIUC is a great chance to see the latest Geo technology, hardware, gadgets and other amazing stuff! I always stop to see a demo of the latest in wide format plotting and scanning and this year I was pleasantly … Continue reading

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ESRIUC Notes – Top 10 new features in ArcGIS 10.2

TweetI’m a big fan of Top 10 lists, and I’m also a fan of the annual ESRIUC, so when there happens to be a Top 10 list featured on stage at the event I tend to take note! This year … Continue reading

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ESRIUC Map Gallery People’s Choice Winner Inspired by Van Gogh

TweetOne of the most popular events at the annual ESRIUC each year is the Map Gallery where the works of thousands of GIS users from around the World are put on display and shared with attendees. Maps are judged and … Continue reading

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Story Map shows drastic change to the town of Lac-Mégantic’s landscape

TweetEsri Canada today released this story map that shows the drastic change to the town of Lac-Mégantic’s landscape as the result of the train derailment that occurred on July 6, 2013. The map also shows the path of the runaway … Continue reading

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Random notes (2) from ESRIUC

TweetLike prior years, I’m sad to see the week come to and end and have to say goodbye to loads of folks who, over the years, have become good friends. This week really is about networking, and I don’t mean … Continue reading

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2013 ESRIUC Random Notes…

TweetI’m sitting in the Gaslamp building today’s GISuser news updates and absorbing all the news, announcements, and cool geo technology being shared at this, the World’s largest gathering of Geo Technology users and professionals – ESRIUC. As always, it truly … Continue reading

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