Esri Shares Tropical Storm Erika Interactive Map

Here we are again with hurricane season upon us and just in time to monitor the extreme weather, Esri has shared a story map to help monitor  Tropical Storm Erika. This interactive map features live data from NOAA showing Erika’s projected path, as well as storm watches, warnings, and storm surge information. You can also explore geotagged social media from Twitter, Flickr, and YouTube related to the storm.

Stay safe this season to all of our friends who live and work in hurricane prone parts of the country!

Never Get Lost Again with Avenza PDF Maps on your mobile clients

I always make the time to have a one on one at ESRIUC with Ted Florence, CEO and get caught up on his flagship product, chat some hockey, and get some candid comments about life as a software solution provider. This year Ted pulled out his iPad and showed me the most recent build of PDF Maps ( and as usual, I was Wow’d!

Avenza PDF maps at esriuc [Read more…]

The Living Atlas, Taking Center Stage at ESRIUC

GIS is all about the data, it always has been and I’ve been preaching that since 1999 I believe. ArcGIS Online is the platform, however, without rich, 3D data, what’s the point right? ArcGIS Online is the gateway that Esri wants you to use as your access point for feature rich, 3D, raster and vector data and media. As AGO matures we are now hearing about the next step in the evolution – The Living Atlas  The Living Atlas was a focal point of Jack Dangermond’s plenary keynote at ESRIUC on Monday morning, with demos spinning on the Globe and Jack encouraging the user community to use it and contribute – yes, it also made my list of 10 things that turned my head at ESRIUC!

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10 Things that Turned Heads at ESRIUC + a couple more!

I’m often asked by colleagues, “What got your attention at UC?” Indeed there isn’t a quick answer for this as there really was so much to see and digest. There were, however, 10 things that jumped out at me and I’m pleased to share in Top 10 style, much the way I do every year. And so, please find 10 Things that turned my head at ESRIUC (in no particular order), along with several “bonus” inclusions.

There was no shortage of head turning moments at ESRIUC this year. Some of the things that jumped out at me and have gotten a mention in this first post include: the Living Atlas, Esri Startup Zone, A new product called Insight, UAVs, the PDF Map Store, and MapBox!

hot sauce

Read on for details in this feature on GISuser – What got your attention?

Just in Time for ESRIUC, 2015 Updated

Yes indeed, just in the nick of time, our friends Martha and Jim have shared details of the latest update to the wonderful and useful Use this handy resource while in San Diego attending ESRIUC, Comic Con, or ??? and have access any time any place to all the latest and greatest restaurants, bars, and night spots in the famous Gaslamp District.

San Diego Gaslamp map

San Diego Gaslamp map

San Diego Gaslamp restaurant and bar map [Read more…]

Story Map Shares Top 25 Things to do in San Diego While at #ESRIUC

In typical map geek fashion, Esri has shared a clever Story Map to help the GeoGeek navigate some of the best things to do while in San Diego at the annual International ESRIUC. Tips range from networking opportunities, key learning events, Dev talks, a 5K walk and there’s even a group yoga class – pretty much something for everyone!

25 Things to do while at ESRIUC

25 Things to do while at ESRIUC

You definitely won’t be bored during ESRIUC week!

Check out the Story Map HERE


Esri Provides U.S. Flooding Public Information Map for Central U.S.

Such a tragedy seeing the flooding and devastation in the South this week… we hope all of our readers and colleagues are staying dry and safe! To help those of you interested in tracking and/or monitoring the current situation, Esri has developed a U.S. Flooding Public Information Map which provides continuously updated information from the National Weather Service showing:

  • Observed flooding locations
  • Current and forecasted precipitation
  • Flood warning areas

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