The Esrigram Shark Week Shark GIS MapJournal

Trust Esri to not miss an opportunity to churn out another cool Map Journal or story map (ya, I’m still a little confused in what the diff is between a journal or story map etc…). This latest Journal shares some really cool images, maps, stories, and facts about sharks, all in the very pleasant to use Map Journal layout.  The features reveals interesting shark facts and shares stories of how gentle this giant can be as well as facts describing the threats (like overfishing) . Some fine maps showing protected areas are shared. Nice stuff – see the Shark MapJournal HERE

shark GIS map Journal

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Tracking Hurricanes and Historical Hurricane Data

Hurricane season is well under way as the traditional North Atlantic hurricane season began on June 1. As soon as the weather alerts start coming in about tropical storms its natural that interest in previous tropical storms will heighten and for good reason. Many of us flock to the site to check out historical paths of storms and hurricanes to see if they match up with current activity. This can be accomplished by using one of my favorite resources from NOAA, the Historical Hurricanes Tracks web.

Historical Hurricane Tracks

Historical Hurricane Tracks (Source)

Using the site you can easily search by geographic location to view all the past storms conveniently color coded by strength.  Note, you can also easily save and share storm paths of interest, for example, this link which takes you to the path of Andrew in 1992 – handy!

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ParkScore Index Ranks Park Systems in 60 Largest U.S. Cities #ParkScore

Something of interest for parks and nature lovers… ParkScore uses advanced GIS (geographic information system) computer mapping technology to create digital maps evaluating park accessibility, making it the most realistic assessment system available. Instead of simply measuring distance to a local park, ParkScore’s GIS technology takes into account the location of park entrances and physical obstacles to access.

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Monitoring Fukushima fallout with crowd-sourced citizen science seawater sampling

This update on a topic very near and dear to many of us who live on the Pacific coastline via the David Suzuki foundation… More than three years have passed since the devastating Fukushima nuclear power plant accident in Japan. On our Pacific coast, an innovative crowd-sourced citizen science seawater sampling project is starting to yield information.

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5 High-Tech Camping Tools For Your Next Trip

With Memorial Day upon us that means one thing, summer is here… wow! With the hot, sunny (hopefully) summer season that means camping for many of us and so to celebrate that w4’ve got a special feature to share with you that will introduce you to  5 very cool, high tech tools that you can use on your next camping trip.

The days of going without showers, phone service and spending 20 minutes pitching your tent on weekend camping trips are over. Modern technology has taken some of the “roughing it” out of camping, but at the same time has made the experience more fun and efficient. Here are five items to consider before heading for the hills.

5 High-Tech Camping Tools For Your Next Trip

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Report confirms that climate change is affecting every region of the US

The Obama Administration recently released the Third National Climate Assessment for the United States. No huge surprise here as the report confirms that climate change is affecting every region of the United States and key sectors of the U.S. economy.

Obama Administration releases Third National Climate Assessment for the United States

Obama Administration releases Third National Climate Assessment for the United States

From the report… Certain types of extreme weather events with links to climate change have become more frequent and/or intense, including prolonged periods of heat, heavy downpours, and in some regions, floods and droughts.  In addition, warming is causing sea level to rise and glaciers and Arctic sea ice to melt, and oceans are becoming more acidic as they absorb carbon dioxide. These and other aspects of climate change are disrupting people’s lives and damaging some sectors of our economy.

The report, a key deliverable of President Obama’s Climate Action Plan, is the most comprehensive and authoritative scientific report ever generated about climate changes that are happening now in the U.S. and further changes that we can expect to see throughout this century.

Take Care of the Oceans – the Economy Will Appreciate It!

Some new research out of NOAA show that the sea is providing a much needed boost to the economy… perhaps such news will provide some added incentive for people to take care of the oceans and show them the respect they deserve!

NOAA reports show strong economic gains from fishing, continued improvement in fish stocks

NOAA reports show strong economic gains from fishing, continued improvement in fish stocks

This from NOAA… U.S. commercial and recreational saltwater fishing generated more than $199 billion in sales in 2012, a gain of seven percent over the previous year, with the economic impact of fishing jobs increasing three percent from 2011 to 2012, according to a new NOAA Fisheries economics report.

Further, two more fish stocks were rebuilt to target levels in 2013, bringing the number of rebuilt U.S. marine fish stocks to 34 since 2000, according to another NOAA Fisheries report also released today.

Taken together, the two reports, Fisheries Economics of the United States 2012 and the Status of U.S. Fisheries 2013, show positive trends in the steady rebuilding of the country’s federally managed fisheries off our coasts, and the important role fisheries contribute to the United States economy.

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County health ranking 2014 and health roadmaps – How Healthy is your county?

The County Health Rankings & Roadmaps program is a collaboration between the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the University of Wisconsin Population Health Institute. This fabulous resource not only provides maps, tables and charts (very detailed reports as well), but you’ll also find that you can access a TON of data for use in your maps, reports, data visualizations and more – it really is a gold mine of data!

county health rankings 2014

county health rankings 2014

The annual County Health Rankings measure vital health factors, including high school graduation rates, obesity, smoking, unemployment, access to healthy foods, the quality of air and water, income, and teen births in nearly every county in America. The annual Rankings provide a revealing snapshot of how health is influenced by where we live, learn, work and play.

To use the resource, simply start by selectnig a state on the map. Then you can dig deeper by locating a county of interest and then start hunting for data! Detailed summary reports are available for each State (PDF) as well as the supporting data (XLS). More data resources are also provided for each State. These valuable pointers will help you locate more health data, like crates of cancer, education stats, crime stats, and other public data.

You can find more information on Twitter by following @CHRankings and the #HealthRankings hashtag
See also facebook

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exactEarth Release Tracking Data of the Search for MH370

We’ve all been bombarded with constant news updates and reports about the search for the missing Malaysian airliner. Yesterday, exactEarth shared details that an Australian ship is close to retrieving debris believed to be from the plane (still speculation on the origin of the debris at this time). The company has also released detailed Tracking Data of the Search for MH370. A recently updated view from exactEarth’s constellation of satellites which are tracking the world’s shipping, shows all ships in the area and clearly shows the remoteness of the region.

exactEarth have released the following image showing the search being carried out by the HMAS Success and the Xue Long in the Southern Indian Ocean.  See more details HERE

exactEarth Release Tracking Data of the Search for MH370

See Also Australia Ship Close to Retrieving Possible Plane Debris

The World’s Most Ethical Companies Are Ranked for 2014

What do Dell, Intel, Microsoft, and Google have in common? Yes indeed, they all made the list of the most ethical companies! The World’s Most Ethical (WME) Companies designation recognizes companies that truly go beyond making statements about doing business “ethically” and translate those words into action. WME honorees not only promote ethical business standards and practices internally, they exceed legal compliance minimums and shape future industry standards by introducing best practices today.

This year’s 144 honorees represent 41 industries and include 21 first-time honorees.  In this eighth year of recognizing companies, Ethisphere is honoring the largest group of organizations based outside the U.S. – 38 organizations from 21 countries and 5 continents.

2014 World's Most Ethical Companies

2014 World’s Most Ethical Companies

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