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Experience A breathtaking virtual tour of China’s supercave from National Geographic

TweetImage venturing through one of China’s scenic wonders, a massive cave full of cone shaped peaks, arches, and the world’s largest cavern! Well, thanks to National Geographic you can now sit back in your chair and go on a virtual … Continue reading

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Spot Image filling in Gaps in Alaska DEMs

TweetSpot Image has a cool solution to fill in Gaps in Alaska DEM products… The company is boasting details of a recent completion of thirteen Reference3D geocells over the Chugach National Forest region of Alaska. These geocells are notable, as … Continue reading

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Governor Schwarzenegger and team roll out CalAtlas Geospatial Clearinghouse

TweetA new spatial clearinghouse at CalAtlas was rolled out today by “The Governator”… The innovative approach to technology, called Cal-Atlas Geospatial Clearinghouse will allow the general public to access maps, data and information that has not previously been accessible on … Continue reading

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DEM 101 – What is a Digital Elevation Model?

TweetAn interesting class for those of you looking to learn more about Digital Elevation Models (DEM). Enjoy this archived webinar from Intermap, sit back in your office and enjoy! Details… As the fields of digital mapping and geospatial analysis continue … Continue reading

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ICSM Guidelines for Digital Elevation Data

TweetICSM has released a new publication titled ‘ICSM Guidelines for Digital Elevation Data’. The aim is to provide guidelines and recommendations for acquiring elevation data depicting the earth’s surface based. It represent a first cut in the preparation of best … Continue reading

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Florida Geographic Data Library – FTP downloads and more

TweetLooking for Florida GIS data? No qworries… this awesome resource provides FTP access to pretty much any data layers you can thionk of.. including DRG, DEM, DOQs, and much more! County Data Layers. (including Shapefiles, Aerial Photos, DRGs, DOQQ 3-meters) … Continue reading

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Free data tip – USGS DEMs (SDTS) for the western states

TweetA nice score here for those in need of USGS DEMs for the western states…. DIGITAL ELEVATION MODELS OF THE WESTERN STATES . Simply click through the map UI, select an area of interest, then download the DEMCALIFORNIA 7.5 minute … Continue reading

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USGS Seamless data server

Tweet In a recent reminder from sommeone at the USGS, I have to admit that I have neglected to promote this fabulous data resource. Most users know about it (or should know about it), therefore, as a result it sometimes … Continue reading

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Rhode Island Geographic Information System (RIGIS

TweetThe RIGIS mission is to monitor, coordinate, and provide guidance for activities related to the use of geographic information system technology in Rhode Island, to support initiatives to implement or use this technology, and to manage and provide access to … Continue reading

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Montana Geographic Information Clearinghouse

TweetGerry from the Montana State Library provided us with an update about this fabulous free data resource for the State of Montana. Downloadable datasets include soils data, DEMs, topos, aerial photography, cadastral data and more. Features of the site include … Continue reading

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Minnesota Land Management Information Center

TweetThe LMIC has been responsible for developing a strategic plan for the Minnesota GIS – Minnesota’s Spatial Data Infrastructure. Recent success stories include the acquisition of 2003 orthoimagery for the entire State (cooperatively funded by the state and the National … Continue reading

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Stephen F. Austin State University’s FRI Lab (Texas)

TweetWhat a score this resource is for Texas Data… here’s just a sampling of what you can access:Texas DRGs – 24k, 100k and 250k1m digital orthosSSURGO soils dataContoursSeamless DEMsTIGER dataand much more! This resource is a total score! Bookmark … Continue reading

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