A new Reward from the USGS for Crowd Sourcing Citizen Scientists

an update from the USGS on their crowd-sourcing efforts… The National Map Corps (TNMCorps) data volunteers continue to make significant additions to the USGS’s ability to provide accurate mapping information and data to the public. To reward those citizen scientists, TNM Corps has issued virtual badges to those participants that reach certain point (structure data submission) levels.

usgs crowd sourcing

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FulcrumApp Adds Support for SpatialVideo GPS track logs

Very cool… FulcrumAPP, you know, the data collection tool, has just announced a new and exciting feature, SpatialVideo, support for video collection integrated with your field data collection and is also records a GPS track log that syncs with the video – nice!

From the developers… “Within the Fulcrum iOS and Android apps, you also have total control over video quality, both resolution and frame rate. Based on your needs, being able to adjust quality gives you a way to manage file sizes and storage.”

See more about fulcrumApp and SpatialVideo here

exactEarth Release Tracking Data of the Search for MH370

We’ve all been bombarded with constant news updates and reports about the search for the missing Malaysian airliner. Yesterday, exactEarth shared details that an Australian ship is close to retrieving debris believed to be from the plane (still speculation on the origin of the debris at this time). The company has also released detailed Tracking Data of the Search for MH370. A recently updated view from exactEarth’s constellation of satellites which are tracking the world’s shipping, shows all ships in the area and clearly shows the remoteness of the region.

exactEarth have released the following image showing the search being carried out by the HMAS Success and the Xue Long in the Southern Indian Ocean.  See more details HERE

exactEarth Release Tracking Data of the Search for MH370

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CrowdSourcing Imagery to Help Find Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370

A couple of efforts have been announced to help scour the vast collection of recently collected imagery for any sign of Flight 370 that may have been recorded by a data collection sensor. DigitalGlobe has a service known as Tomnod where the premise is that thousands of volunteers are asked to help scour through imagery to help identify features (debris, raft, oil slick etc…) and tag objects that could be useful in solving the mystery.  Tomnod has started a campaign to help in the search for Malaysia Airlines flight 370 – see details HERE

Flight plan for Malaysia Airlines flight mh370

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Real Time Social Media News Map of Colorado Flood and comments

Esri has churned out a public news map highlighting some of the data and social media news updates (tweets, photos, videos) from Colorado revealing the extent of the Colorado flood situation. You can jump directly to the newsmap HERE or continue reading and browse it below… stay safe Colorado!

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Piksi RTK GPS Receiver Getting a Kickstart

Here’s an interesting kickstarter project that’s getting quite a kick! Enter the Piksi RTK GPS receiver, a low-cost GPS receiver boasting open source software, centimeter accuracy GPS collection, rugged design, Bluetooth and more… nice!

This interesting info comes from the developer and helps explain what sets Piksi apart from the others… It implements RTK (Real Time Kinematic) functionality, which makes it 100 times more accurate than a standard GPS receiver – about 4 centimeters of total error.

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Volunteer Map Data Collection Opportunities to Build the National Map

Have you ever wanted to contribute to the National Map? Well, now that the USGS has embraced the crowd there’s an opportunity for you to do just that! If you have access to the Internet and are willing to dedicate some time editing map data we hope you will consider participating!

The USGS is recruiting volunteers to collect and update USGS geographic data. Similar to how OpenStreetMap allows anyone to collect, edit, and use geographic data through an online map editor, the USGS has developed an online editor customized to our data to allow volunteers to contribute data to The National Map (http://nationalmap.gov/) and The National Structures Dataset .

From the USGS…  We are looking for people like you to work with us to collect structures for the USGS. The data you will collect during this project will be loaded into The National Map

As the project progresses additional states will be released.

See More Volunteer Map Data Collection at the USGS and The National Map Corps project site

There are presently nineteen states available for volunteers to choose to update structures in

Socrata Offers Developers and OpenData Enthusiasts Hackathon In A Box

The cool crew from Seattle-based Socrata are providing government users, opendata enthusiasts, developers, and others with a very cool OpenData resource in the form of a “hackathon in a box” – a toolbox of resources, documents, tools and other handy items of interest to anyone getting involved in an opendata hackathon or similar event. Need help running a hackthaon? Need some ideas? Need pointers on tools, APIs, and other developer resources? See the hackathon in a box http://hackathon-in-a-box.org/

Note: all resources are licensed under Creative Commons License

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OpenStreetMap Rolls Out a New easy map editor and Switch2OSM

Some big news from the OSM crew today via the official blog as OpenStreetMap is now boasting a new online map editor for users making it easier for everyone according to the team. Codenamed “iD” the resource now boasts a much easier UI enabling the crowd to contribute more data, faster and without hassles. Additionally, OSM is looking for additional funding from the community and has announced an online home where the community can donate to the effort – See donate.openstreetmap.org.

This from OSM… “OpenStreetMap’s growth in the past two years has been phenomenal,” explained Simon Poole, chairman of the OSM Foundation. “We’ve seen an explosion in the amount of local knowledge our mappers contribute to the map. This has encouraged more and more big-name websites and apps to switch to OpenStreetMap, while also enabling map hackers and geo enthusiasts the world over to build startling, imaginative visualisations from our open data.”

FYI, new OpenStreetMap users with a modern browser will automatically use the new iD editor. For developers, The editor software is entirely open source, with code available on github under an ultra-permissive licence.

See complete details on the OSM Blog


National Map Corps to Help Crowd Source the National Map

Details of a crowd-sourcing effort is being touted by the USGS and partners in the National Map.  The agency is looking for crowd participants to help enhance the National Map and currently has some 18 States open for data editing, updates, and new features. Participants will become part of the National Map Corps. Collaborative pilot projects in Colorado were recently used to test the concept of crowd-sourcing. Over a trial period of ten months, 143 volunteers collected, improved, or deleted data on more than 6,400 structures in Colorado. The states in the first expansion of TNMC are: Arkansas, Alaska, Colorado, Delaware, Georgia, Idaho, Maryland, Michigan, Montana, North Dakota, New Jersey, New Mexico, Ohio, Oregon, South Carolina, Utah, Washington, West Virginia

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