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Valentine’s Day Geo Crossword Puzzle Fun

TweetA little GeoGeeky Valentine’s Day fun for you Geo Lovebirds! A fun crossword with a Valentine theme courtesy of the US Census Bureau… enjoy! See also more Valentine’s Day facts and figures – Wondering, what’s the most romantic place, Loveland … Continue reading

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Census Flows Mapper Shows Net In / Out Migration by County

TweetNow available from the US Census Bureau, a very useful tool for business and others looking for population and migration trends by county.  The County-to-County Migration Flows Tables , which use data collected by the American Community Survey between 2007 … Continue reading

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The 2012 Census of more than 89,000 US Local Governments

TweetHow big is government? Well, this survey of local agencies in the US may clarify that for you. The US Census Bureau has just released the data and findings from the 2012 Census of US Governments. The Individual State Descriptions … Continue reading

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2013 TIGER/Line Shapefiles from US Census Bureau

TweetAn update from the Census Bureau on the availability of the 2013 TIGER/Line files as all legal boundaries and names as of January 1, 2013 were released on August 22, 2013.  About the data… The 2013 TIGER/Line Shapefiles contain 2010 … Continue reading

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US Language Mapper Maps Where non-English Speaking Populations Live

TweetSomething new from the US Census Bureau, a handy map resource to help identify regions in the country where specific language clusters exist. According to this new resource based on the 207-2011 Community Survey Data, Spanish, Chinese Top Non-English Languages … Continue reading

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Announcing Weekly US Census Data Visualizations

TweetI’m a HUGE fan of data visualizations and I’m always glad to see when awesome companies are working hard to create beautiful, meaningful data visualisations to generate a buzz or tell a story – case in point, just check out … Continue reading

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U.S. Census Return Rate Challenge: $25,000 in prize money

TweetHere’s a challenge for you statistical  gurus from the US Census Bureau. The challenge is to create a statistical model to predict the 2010 Census mail return rate of small area geographic units based on their demographic characteristics. The Census … Continue reading

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The Urbanization of America – People Flocking to Cities to work and live

TweetThe findings are in and people seem to want to live and work in the city center. With the official release of the 2010 US Census data there’s some interesting facts and figures floating around. For example, more than 10% … Continue reading

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Map of Interstate and Cross-Border 2011 Migration Patterns

TweetA fabulous graphic has been made available from Atlas Van Lines. What better resource to get migration patterns and data than the moving company? And so, enter this graphic from Atlas showing in/out migration from various regions. The map shows … Continue reading

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Census Bureau USA Jan 1, 2012 Population Estimates

TweetThis year, like most other years, the US Census Bureau released some year-end population stats including an estimate of the population as of the turn of the calendar page. Some of the findings reported by the Bureau include: The US … Continue reading

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Stats Canada to Make Data Products Free and Open

TweetThis past week loads of the OpenGov vocalists were all abuzz when it was revealed that finally, after all these years, Stats Canada is emerging from the dark ages and will be making data freely available to the public – … Continue reading

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2010 US Census Bureau Data Product Tips

TweetLooking for US Census data? The resource now has a number of data products available including demographic profile data and population profile maps. These profiles provide details about race and Hispanic groups, age, sex and housing status. The profiles … Continue reading

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