Regional Differences Project – Drawing America’s Regions

How do you define the Northwest or the Rockies regions of America? Enter The Regional Differences Project – a cool project that lets users enter their definition of regions in an effort to crowd source regional differences and define the spatial makeup of the land… pretty cool!

From the project… This project is to collect data on where people think different regions of America are located. People from Texas and Florida have strong views on whether or not they are part of the “South”, while people from Vermont and Connecticut and Georgia have different ideas about “New England”, and the “Midwest” might migrate a thousand miles depending on where you learned the term.

Draw region boundaries as you see them. You can submit as many or as few regions as you’d like.

Cool Technology Seen at ESRIUC – Epson SureColor T Series

The ESRIUC is a great chance to see the latest Geo technology, hardware, gadgets and other amazing stuff! I always stop to see a demo of the latest in wide format plotting and scanning and this year I was pleasantly surprised by the Epson products. Imagine if you will, awesome quality prints at a price of less than $3K! The T-Series of devices will churn out a D size plot in less than 25 seconds or more than 100 plots an hour. The enhanced ink droplet technology results in amazingly small ink droplets for fine resolution output at an impressive 2880 x 1440 dpi! The T series comes in 3 sizes (24″ 36″ and 44″) and supports three different size printer cartridges for some pretty nice cost savings for those with heavy work loads required. Rich color output is possible for imagery thanks to the impressive Epson ultraChrome XD ink technology – think instant dry! The T series of plotters also comes with plot management and accounting software and they support windows 8, 7 or XP as well as Mac 10.5 – 10.8 Mountain Lion. Nice Stuff – See more HERE

This year at UC my just graduated from High School son was along for the ride and he was so captivated by the T Series that he’s seriously picking one up to help kickstart his new graphic design business! You dealers out there may want to ping me to close a deal! ;0)

2013ESRIUC 185

ESRIUC Map Gallery People’s Choice Winner Inspired by Van Gogh

One of the most popular events at the annual ESRIUC each year is the Map Gallery where the works of thousands of GIS users from around the World are put on display and shared with attendees. Maps are judged and the “best” are selected based on a number of criteria. Selected maps are then featured in a future edition of The Map Book from Esri Press. This year, the People’s Choice Award winning map was announced at the closing plenary address by Esri President Jack Dangermond. The award went to an eye-catching map that was very artistic and inspired by the work of Vincent Van Gogh… great stuff indeed!

See also more photos on this Map Gallery photo collection

Creative Cartography Meets Music in The Song Map

Oh yes, I love art… I also love music too, heck, who doesn’t right? Well, I know you GeoGeeks and music lovers will really dig this one as we stumble onto yet another amazing cartographic product that quite simply will make you say WOW – enter the Music Map. Deisgned by the crew at Dorothy, the map is a a fictional Music Town with places and street names penned from popular tunes – imagine walking down the Highway to Hell! Oh and the map also has an accompanying Spotify list too – sweet!  See more over on NME and thanks to @mcg_h  for the Tweet!

Song Map is available for purchase from Dorothy – About the Map – The print, which was inspired by our own unhealthy obsession with music, is for fellow music geeks and includes an A-Z key listing all featured songs along with the names of who sang them. And we’ve set up a playlist on Spotify to accompany the Map providing 23 hours worth of music.

Map of Stout Month and Stout Beer Consumption at Vine Street Pub in Denver CO

The folks at American Sentinel University share with us that Geospatial technologies and beer share something powerful in common: innovation. American Sentinel University’s Dr. Stephen McElroy, GIS program chair, participated in Mountain Sun’s Stout Month to find out. He developed an interpolated map using GIS technology that depicts the Denver metropolitan area and shows an IDW interpolation of predicted stout consumption based on the actual stouts that he consumed during Stout Month at Vine Street Pub in Denver.  The map depicts the Denver metropolitan area and shows an IDW interpolation of predicted stout consumption based on the actual stouts that he consumed during Stout Month at Vine Street Pub in Denver. See more details on the project – Stout and Sensibility: Program Chair Uses GIS to Map Beer Consumption

How to Automatically Create Beautiful Cartographic Labels

The latest in the popular webinar series from Safe software will definitely help those of you struggling to make awesome maps… or maybe you already do but just want to add even more awesome sauce! On Wednesday, March 6th Safe will offer a livestream session titled How to Automatically Create Beautiful Cartographic Labels Using FME’s New MapTextLabeller.

About the event – Learn about the MapTextLabeller, an exciting new extra-cost FME plugin from MapText which lets you automate the creation of high quality labels – and through its integration with FME – concurrently transform your data and output to formats like AutoCAD DWG, Microstation DGN, Esri Geodatabase, MapInfo, and others. Join us to discover how you can take advantage of its rules-based label placement and styling capabilities to save time and create amazing labels in your preferred.

Save the date and time – Wednesday, March 6th at 8am PST / 11am EST / 4pm GMT / 5pm CEST

Friday Fun With Maps – America As Seen by A New Yorker

How about a little Friday fun with maps and a sweet, little gem I stumbled upon today… America as viewed by a New Yorker… I just love the “empty space caused by the stupid shape of Idaho”… LOL! Got any more awesome maps and examples or cartographic brilliance to share?? Ping me @gletham with your tips – Sourced from Funnyordie

Source: via Glenn on Pinterest

Super Bowl Fun – NFL Fan Map (FandomMap) created from Facebook data

Super Bowl week is here so that means more cool data visualizations.. best BBQ, tail gate hot spots, and those awesome NFL fan maps! Here’s details of a cool fan map – I’m not sure I can agree that its the best fan map “ever”, however, given that its been created by mashing up data scraped from facebook it is pretty cool! So how was this one done? Well, they used data… LOTS of it! Details… Facebook’s Data Science team has combed the more than 35 million users who have “liked” a team’s fan page, and put it into graphic form, down to the county level.

Some interesting spatial patterns emerge once you look at the data.. for example, Patriots fans tend to spread out far and wide, as do fans of the Cowboys and Steelers. Overall the data indicates that geography plays a huge role in defining the fan. Thanks to Deadsping for the map, and to my FB friend Brad Shannon from NOCO for tipping me off!

Source: via Glenn on Pinterest

Announcing Weekly US Census Data Visualizations

I’m a HUGE fan of data visualizations and I’m always glad to see when awesome companies are working hard to create beautiful, meaningful data visualisations to generate a buzz or tell a story – case in point, just check out what Jon and the gang at IDV have been doing in order to show off the skills and technology that the IDV team have (check out their latest map showing commuting patterns of people in Seattle – it’s amazing! It actually blows my mind that the traditional GIS industry is full of data hounds, developers, hackers, cartographers, and others, most of them having advanced map mapping skills, cartographic expertise, and awesome software at their disposal yet relatively few companies make any effort to create and share amazing data visualizations.

Another feel good story hit my email box today as I heard from International Mapping Associates (see @TaitMaps and @Intl_Mapping) as they described the official roll-out of a project they’ve been working on for the US Census Bureau – The Weekly Data Visualization Series.  Each week, visitors are greeted with an impressive, new data visualization created by mashing up some of the data held by the Census Bureau… this is great stuff! See more details in this announcement or jump directly to

Source: via Glenn on Pinterest

Cartography Tip – Color Brewer (2.0) Expert Color Advice For Your Maps

Ever had trouble determining an appropriate color scheme for you mapping projects and products?  Here is an extremely useful resource for selecting color schemes for your cartographic products. It’s a website called ColorBrewer 2.0, developed by Cynthia Brewer, professor of Geography at Penn Stat

How it Works – Use the default test map and provided data to preview color schemes or upload your own data and test the various scenarios. Selecting from the provided color systems, users can elect to map their data and color ramp using RGB, CMYK, or HEX color code systems. Taking the map a little further in the sample data, users can alternatively view their map as a solid color or use a terrain map look and feel. Additionally, an option to adjust color transparency is also available and the base map content can be adjusted to display roads, cities, or simple borders. Simply put, this tool is down-right awesome! Oh, and once you find a color scheme that works for you go ahead and download the color file to an Excel file or as an Adobe compatible ASE file format – and ColorBrewer can be used directly inside AcrGIS (9X) by using the provided download file. See