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Canadian Geomatics Industry Generates 19,000 Jobs, $2+ Billion to the Economy

TweetNatural resources Canada recently released details of an assessment of the state of geomatics in Canada

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Looking for Real World Commercial Drone Apps and Uses? Head to Canada!

TweetEver wonder when will commercial drone activity become a reality in the US and also at the same time wonder why Canada is so much further ahead? According to this fine read from Popular Science it really is simple, “The … Continue reading

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Canada’s Launches a Search for the National Bird Project

TweetWow, as a Canadian I was surprised to find out that Canada doesn’t actually have an “official” national bird! Yes indeed… like me, i bet you likely suspected it was the Canadian goose or perhaps the loon but nope, sorry! … Continue reading

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Happy Canada Day from the GeoGeek Community!

TweetAs most of us GeoGeeks know, GIS takes its roots from a Canadian, Dr. Roger Tomlinson and the industry has much history and legacy from north of  49. So today we are glad to wish all of Canada a happy … Continue reading

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Hitchbot, the GPS, 3G enabled robot is Hitching A Ride from Coast to Coast

TweetThis is one of those stories that I simply HAD to share, mainly because its completely covered in awesome sauce! We have a story of a robot, throw in some cool GSM and GPS technology, it starts off in my … Continue reading

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YouthfulCi​ties: NEW Urban Decoder Internship Applicants Wanted

TweetHere’s an interesting opportunity from the Youthful Cities program – YouthfulCities is recruiting our next batch of Urban Decoders from around the world.The program will be kicking off in Canada over the coming months. As an Urban Decoder you will … Continue reading

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Global Geography community Will Miss Dr. Roger Tomlinson – the Father of GIS

TweetA loss to the Community… regrets to share that Dr. Tomlinson has passed away… Tomlinson is generally recognized as the “father of GIS.” He is the visionary geographer who conceived and developed the first GIS for use by the Canada … Continue reading

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Story Map Reveals Canada’s Top 10 BIG Infrastructure Projects

TweetWe’ve all become fans of story maps – these often awesome, interactive, webmap driven infographics inform, educate and entertain us on a variety of topics. Once new story map to hit the web reveals 100 of the biggest infrastructure projects … Continue reading

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Canada will try to extend its territorial claims in the Arctic and North Pole

TweetAn interesting announcement regarding some Arctic land claim issues… A formal scientific submission was made to the United Nations Commission on the Limits of the Continental Shelf last week covering 1.2 million square kilometres of territorial claims in the Atlantic, … Continue reading

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Dalhousie University GIS Prof seeks solution to student ignorance of geography

TweetA cool story on a popular topic that rears its head every year or so, students and their lack of geographic skills and understanding of the Earth. Imagine a group of Canadian University students not being able to locate the … Continue reading

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Update on Canada’s Next Generation Open Data Portal

TweetYou may have heard or read recently that Canada has announced new/enhanced efforts in their position on Open government. This came in the form of a newly revised position and policy on OpenGov (see details)  and an enhanced open government … Continue reading

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The Geography and History of the Canada US Border explained

TweetEver wondered about that “imaginary” fence that exists for about 5000 KM separating Canada and the USA? Well, perhaps this new video will help explain things a little better… enjoy (Source of inspiration) The video makes light of the border, … Continue reading

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