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Technology Developers in BC Get a New Exchange with BCDevExchange

TweetA tip for developers, would-be developers, mashup artists, coders, students and others from the BC Government – What if brilliant developers could use real-time data feeds to create mobile phone transit apps to locate moving buses?

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Temperate Rainforests in OR, WA, BC, Alaska experience irreparable losses

TweetMore bad news as climate change and rainforest experts warned that without drastic and immediate cuts to greenhouse gas emissions and new forest protections, the world’s most expansive stretch of temperate rainforests from Alaska to the coast redwoods will experience … Continue reading

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The top 10 worst reasons to call 911 – no WiFi??

TweetSome fun stuff coming out at year end, case in point, how about a Top 10 style list of the worst reasons to dial 911. From BC, Canada, the annual post that revisits the worst reported calls that the E-911 … Continue reading

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FME Users Convene on Vancouver, BC for the International #FMEUC

TweetOn June 10-12 in Vancouver, B.C., Safe Software held their International User Conference (the previous event took place 5 years ago). Sadly I had to miss the first day of the conference which featured special keynote presentations from Esri and … Continue reading

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Monitoring Fukushima fallout with crowd-sourced citizen science seawater sampling

TweetThis update on a topic very near and dear to many of us who live on the Pacific coastline via the David Suzuki foundation… More than three years have passed since the devastating Fukushima nuclear power plant accident in Japan. … Continue reading

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Salish sea Oil Spill Map to Show Where the Oil will Travel in a PacNW Spill

TweetAn interesting new story map from the PacNW from the Raincoast Conservation Foundation and the Georgia Strait Alliance reveals sensitive areas and reveals where the oil would travel should a major spill take place in the area now know as … Continue reading

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Mashing-up Opendata for a B.C Liquor Outlet Map with CartoDB

TweetAll the twitter chatter today from #FOSS4G and the hype surrounding CartoDB got me wanting to mashup some data with the awesome open Geo tools out there so I decided to go look for some data and see what I … Continue reading

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Province of B.C, Canada forges ahead with OpenData initiatives

TweetThis week a special Open Data Summit took place in Vancouver, B.C where about 120 government folk and stakeholders took part in the discussion around the topic of OpenGov and Open Data. In a report from the event, it was … Continue reading

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BCIT GIS Student project and practicum sponsors needed #Geo #EDU

TweetAn update from my friend Karl at the BCIT GIS faculty at BCIT in Burnaby, BC, Canada. Karl provides an update and information on this year’s practicum for the GIS program students. About the program – Every year, the BCIT … Continue reading

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HootSuite Grabs Seesmic as The Owls Add The San Fran StartUp to the Nest

TweetI follow a number of HootSuite “owls” on Twitter and I’m pretty sure I stumbled onto details of this minutes after the news broke last night as details are now emerging about Vancouver StartUp, HootSuite acquiring competitor Seesmic. HootSuite is … Continue reading

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@Revolver_Coffee Vancouver Brews Up the Most Amazing World Map of Nails

TweetFor people who know me (and a few who don’t) it may be no surprise for me to say that I really do love coffee… I’m also an urban geographer and have a pretty nice passion for architecture and maps. … Continue reading

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Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline (Canada) Lying With Maps

TweetWe’ve all heard of the popular geoTech book titled “How to Lie With Maps“… well, it seems there’s a real-life scenario playing out in B.C, Canada involving the proposed Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline project and the effort of planners to … Continue reading

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