E-book Profiles How GIS Technology Improves Health Care Industry

A new resource from American Sentinal University ‘The State of the Modern Health Care Industry in the 21st Century: Technology and Business Intelligence Leads the Way,’ profiles the tech shifts in health care and offers an inside look into how geographic information systems (GIS) can be applied into health care organizations and the industry’s growing need for professionals with GIS knowledge.

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Stop Talking, Start Communicating – Four Tips for Delivering Bad News

I’ve always been a fan of the popular Business books, particularly the ones that focus on professional development. Stop Talking, Start Communicating is a new title that can help you deal with delivering bad new. According to the author, leaders and otherwise successful people will go to great lengths to avoid doing this. For example, you might tolerate a longstanding, but mediocre, vendor instead of giving the contract to another company. Or maybe you make excuses to hold on to an underperforming employee.

stop talking

Good news though, as the book outlines some strategies to help you deal with these conversations more promptly and successfully. Four important tips shared include:

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Self Publishing Tip – APE the Book

The New Year is a great time to make plans for the year ahead, either for personal or business goals. Case in point, have you ever thought about self publishing a book? I’m pretty sure you have… well, thanks to Guy Kawasaki it may not be as daunting of a task that you may think – Enter APE the book!

APE the book

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Thinking About GIS, the Fifth Time!

Yes indeed, once again you can start thinking about GIS… Obviously, what I’m talking about is the 5th edition of one of the most popular GIS / GeoTech books to ever hit the market, Thinking About GIS authored by Roger Tomlinson and published by Esri Press.

The fifth edition has been updated with new resources including case studies, tips, and terminology definitions that reflect the latest advances in GIS technology and information. The accompanying DVD includes examples and templates, exercises, and videos of the seminar Planning and Managing a GIS from the 2012 Esri International User Conference.

thinking about GIS 5th edition

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Twelve Not-So-Obvious Tips to Help Small Business Owners Prosper

Here’s something for the night table and a little late night reading… Starting a small business is hard work. Joseph Callaway has been there, and he shares twelve unexpected tactics—all centered on putting clients first—that will help your company to succeed. In his book he touches on Twelve Not-So-Obvious Tips to Help Small Business Owners Prosper:

  1. Change your thinking about why you exist.
  2. Take your business personally.
  3. Little things matter more than you think.
  4. Hard times don’t justify stinginess.
  5. Don’t lie – even if it makes you look better, makes you rich, or keeps a client from walking
  6. Be honest with yourself, too.
  7. Treat employees at least as well as you treat your clients.
  8. Make sure your highest praise comes from your competitors.
  9. Look for chances to do something fun and special.
  10. If you aren’t driven to be “number one” with your clients, you might as well close your doors.
  11. Never, ever fire a tough client.
  12. A “Clients Last” attitude leaves a long legacy.

The Authors… Joseph Callaway and JoAnn Callaway are coauthors of the New York Times bestseller Clients First: The Two Word Miracle and founders of the real estate company Those Callaways. See more details about the book HERE

Dev Tip – Python Scripting for ArcGIS

Python is indeed a hot topic and having Python skills can really help kickstart your career in GIS and programming, particularly for the recent grad. One of the most popular features we rolled out over the past few months on GISuser was a piece on Python that highlighted some developer resources, tips, and suggested tutorials (see Programming with Python)

Now Esri has provided the developer and would be developer with another fine resource about Python via the new bookPython Scripting for ArcGIS – a technical guide that provides a clear, step-by-step process for the creation of Python scripts to enhance ArcGIS 10.1 capabilities – no previous programming experience is necessary!  See also Amazon for more in this new resource

Programming with Python

Earth – The $100,000 150kg Platinum Edition World Record Atlas @Earthplatinum

What weighs in at over 150kg, is valued at more than $100,000 and has broken a 350 year old Guiness World Record? If you guess a massive Atlas then you’d be correct! Yes indeed, Earth: Platinum Edition Atlas created by 90 dedicated cartographers over a four year period with the help of Esri Technology now holds the record as the World’s largest Atlas. The book’s largest feature is a collection of more than 30 photographs spanning the world’s most unique vistas. Only 31 copies of the atlas exist due to the difficult publishing process which involves printing the pages in Italy before they are sent to Hong Kong to be bound.

Prospective buyers are urged to get in quick, although smaller versions are also available for those lacking the shelf space. See more details in this PR or see also more from Esri Australia
The book was produced and published byMillenium House Australia

International Perspectives on Teaching and Learning with GIS (Kerski et al)

Congrats go out to Joseph J. Kerski, Ph.D., Education Manager at Esri, and periodic contributor of articles to GISuser, on the publication of  the International Perspectives on GIS in secondary schools book.

This, the first publication to collate a broad international perspective on the pedagogical value of GIS technology in classrooms, offers an unprecedented range of expert views on the subject.

International Perspectives on Teaching and Learning with GIS in Secondary Schools
Milson, Andrew J.; Demirci, Ali; Kerski, Joseph J. (Eds.)
1st Edition., 2012, XXXIX, 353 p. 66 illus., 24 in color.
Hardcover, ISBN 978-94-007-2119-7


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A Guide To Effective Map Design – Colors For Maps from @PetersonGIS

Here’s a tip about a new, handy cartography resource from Gretchen Peterson (@PetersonGIS on Twitter) enter the e-book “GIS Cartography: A Guide To Effective Map Design”.  Gretchen’s first e-book in the series is  Colors For Maps. About the booklet… Colors For Maps is a 40 page booklet in PDF format that contains 30 color palettes specifically chosen for mapping projects. Each palette is visualized in a sample map and in various combinations to make it easy to pick one. Color formulas are provided in RGB and HEX. The PDF format makes it easy to visualize the colors on-screen as well as to print them out on your in-house machines. See more at http://www.gretchenpeterson.com/booklet.php