Smartphone Tip – Unlocked BlackBerry Smartphones at Just $299

Looking for a new, or additional smartphone? Did you know that BlackBerry devices, many unlocked, can be bought directly from BlackBerry online?

BlackBerry Z10 (Unlocked) - White

A quick look at the BB online shop reveals a number of smartphones for sale including the Bold 9900, Passport, Porsche and a number of unlocked BlackBerry devices including the Q10, Q5, Z30 and the BB Z10 is for sale, unlocked at just $299

BlackBerry Z10 FEATURES:

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Shop for BlackBerry smartphones HERE (Canada)


Poor Blackberry… Blackphone goes for Blackberry’s throat

Poor Blackberry, they just can’t catch a break it seems! Even with recent reports revealing about 0% US marketshare (Ouch!) they keep on persisting to try and stand up and then they just get knocked down again. In the latest blow to the company  SILENT CIRCLE has hit back regarding the privacy of the Blackphone. It has taken Blackberry’s recent criticism, balled it up and thrown in back in Blackberry’s face. In a note directed at “privacy enthusiasts” but undoubtedly aimed at Blackberry, Silent Circle said that the negative attention is unwarranted.

Screen Shot 2014-07-16 at 10.04.58 AM

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Blackberry in a Financial Freefall and Rolls Out the New Blackberry Z30

Too little too late for Blackberry indeed… imagine, in the same week that the company has reported a massive loss, huge employee cuts/layoffs, and yet we have a new Blackberry device coming to market, the Z30, which I find of interest is not even featured on their website and the Youtube video showing off the device doesn’t have a link to the website for more info – sorry to dump on you Blackberry but good luck with that one!

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Blackberry Unveils BlackBerry Z10 – UK Gets it First

Today is the day for Blackberry enthusiasts… the BB10 launch event (I’m still not holding my breath on this actually reviving the ailing smartphone maker!) The company has unveiled the latest platform and some new devices to tease you with… hey, they’ve even announced that Alicia Keys is the official “Creative Director” for Blackberry – whatever that means!  It looks like the UK will get the device first, followed by Canada etc… personally I’d rather see a Global roll out at the same time and in all honesty, teasing markets like this really does p&ss off users but it seems to be a common strategy. RIM has lost loads of marketshare over the years and winning these customers back is going to be a giant task for them. Some details from the BB blog…

Worldwide, we have several key markets that are revealing pricing and availability today, including the UK, Canada and UAE:

  • In the UK, the BlackBerry Z10 will be available beginning tomorrow on pay monthly contracts and pre-pay plans from EE, O2, Vodafone, Phones 4u, BT, 3UK and the Carphone Warehouse. BlackBerry Z10 smartphones will be available fully subsidized on competitive monthly pay contracts. Price points will vary according to carriers and retail partners.
  • In Canada, the BlackBerry Z10 will be available on February 5th. Pricing will vary by carrier partner, but it will retail for around $149.99 on a 3-year contract.
  • In the UAE, the BlackBerry Z10 will be available on February 10th. Pricing will vary by carrier partner, but unsubsidized it will retail for AED 2,599.
  • In the U.S. market, we expect availability with most carriers for the BlackBerry Z10 to be in March. Today, U.S. carriers will start announcing pre-registration and price plans.

Many global partners have already launched or will be launching pre-registration and pre-order sites today.

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Migrate from Blackberry to Android or iPhone with BerryMover

Here’s an interesting app available to mobile device users bailing on their loyalty with Blackberry – BerryMover transfers your BlackBerry contacts, calendar, tasks, notes, text messages and other data over to your iPhone and Android…

Reclaim all the data stuck on your old BlackBerry and view it in BerryMover. Import contacts and appointments; view individual contacts, appointments, tasks, notes, SMS messages, and emails..

Without BerryMover, there would be no way to view the data from your BlackBerry and your valuable info would be stuck there forever


  • A video tutorial on how to get your BlackBerry backup onto your Android and iPhone
  • Simple, fast importing of your contacts and appointments.
  • Select all or only a few items
  • The ability to view appointments, contacts, tasks, notes, text messages and much more.


Unlimited BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) from Boost Mobile Just $30, sort of!

I’m sure there’s still a couple of Blackberry fans out there (although I have to scratch my head in wonder), and for those of you who are, Boost Mobile has announced some pretty sweet pricing coming up for plans that will include the new BB 9310 Messenger (the device will roll out for $99 soon).  But, in typical carrier fashion, the new plan isn’t exactly $30 a month, rather, the plan provides customers the opportunity to be rewarded for simply making on-time payments. For every six on-time payments, customers will see their monthly payment shrink by $5, eventually getting down to as low as $30 a month for unlimited nationwide talk and text and worldwide BBM access. Why can’t they just say what the price is and cut all the crap? Regardless, I suppose $30 is a pretty nice deal even for a BlackBerry… see more at

RIM Telling Apple to Wake Up?? Wow…

Really… seriously??? RIM is telling Apple to wake up? Given the current state of RIM you have to wonder how these guys have the nerve to tell anyone to do anything. And for the protest (in Australia) , Wake up? Wake up for what? Does anyone actually have a clue as to what this was all about or what RIM is attempting to do? I guess it’s been some form of a feeble attempt at a “marketing” campaign through viral video. Seems they have as much trouble getting their point  across in protest as they do in selling mobile devices… oh RIM!  Hey RIM, perhaps you guys should wake up and go check out Apple’s recently announced earnings!  For more on this see Zdnet

RIM CEO Lazaridis Provides A Glimpse At the Future of BlackBerry and the new BBX Dev Platform

Today at the annual BB Love-fest (aka. BlackBerry DevCon), RIM President & CEO,Mike Lazaridis, greeted the crowd and provided the State of RIM address as well as a roadmap for the future which includes the Blackberry 7 lineup of devices and a new developer platform, Blackberry BBX.

In his address which I caught via live stream I picked up on the following tidbits and numbers of interest:

  • There are currently more than 70 million Blackberry subscribers, up 40% over last year
  • 165 million smartphones sold to date
  • BBM – 28 million last year, today, more than 50 million – up 80%
  • AppWorld in 130 countries with over 1 billion downloads and that’s about 5 million downloads per day
  • On average, BB developers make more $$
  • BBM social platform opened to developers 3 months ago – more than 25 million downloads with 200,000 foursquare downloads in one day
  • First tablet certified safe by the US government
  • 150 million devices sold, 70 million active users, 1 billion apps downloaded, 140 million apps per month
  • BB 7 smartphones generate 11x higher gross app ARPU than BB 6 and BB 5
  • Apps are downloaded about 40% more than iOS or Android apps
  • Today BBX developer platform, based on open standards – a single, unified platform – OpenGL standards

    Particularly exciting for developers is the launch of BlackBerry BBX – The BBX platform will include BBX-OS, and will support BlackBerry cloud services and development environments for both HTML5 and native developers. BBX will also support applications developed using any of the tools available today for the BlackBerry PlayBook – including Native SDK, Adobe AIR/Flash and WebWorks/HTML5, as well as the BlackBerry Runtime for Android Apps – on future BBX-based tablets and smartphones.

See details in this official announcement