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Smartphone Tip – Unlocked BlackBerry Smartphones at Just $299

TweetLooking for a new, or additional smartphone? Did you know that BlackBerry devices, many unlocked, can be bought directly from BlackBerry online? A quick look at the BB online shop reveals a number of smartphones for sale including the Bold … Continue reading

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BlackBerry Passport Targets the Business User

TweetI have to ask myself, what will the over/under be on the date when I see one of these in the wild?? Yep, BlackBerry is at it again with a new device for the business professional – enter the Passport.

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Poor Blackberry… Blackphone goes for Blackberry’s throat

TweetPoor Blackberry, they just can’t catch a break it seems! Even with recent reports revealing about 0% US marketshare (Ouch!) they keep on persisting to try and stand up and then they just get knocked down again. In the latest … Continue reading

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Blackberry in a Financial Freefall and Rolls Out the New Blackberry Z30

TweetToo little too late for Blackberry indeed… imagine, in the same week that the company has reported a massive loss, huge employee cuts/layoffs, and yet we have a new Blackberry device coming to market, the Z30, which I find of … Continue reading

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Blackberry Unveils BlackBerry Z10 – UK Gets it First

TweetToday is the day for Blackberry enthusiasts… the BB10 launch event (I’m still not holding my breath on this actually reviving the ailing smartphone maker!) The company has unveiled the latest platform and some new devices to tease you with… … Continue reading

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Migrate from Blackberry to Android or iPhone with BerryMover

TweetHere’s an interesting app available to mobile device users bailing on their loyalty with Blackberry – BerryMover transfers your BlackBerry contacts, calendar, tasks, notes, text messages and other data over to your iPhone and Android… Reclaim all the data stuck … Continue reading

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Unlimited BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) from Boost Mobile Just $30, sort of!

TweetI’m sure there’s still a couple of Blackberry fans out there (although I have to scratch my head in wonder), and for those of you who are, Boost Mobile has announced some pretty sweet pricing coming up for plans that … Continue reading

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RIM Telling Apple to Wake Up?? Wow…

TweetReally… seriously??? RIM is telling Apple to wake up? Given the current state of RIM you have to wonder how these guys have the nerve to tell anyone to do anything. And for the protest (in Australia) , Wake up? … Continue reading

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RIM CEO Lazaridis Provides A Glimpse At the Future of BlackBerry and the new BBX Dev Platform

TweetToday at the annual BB Love-fest (aka. BlackBerry DevCon), RIM President & CEO,Mike Lazaridis, greeted the crowd and provided the State of RIM address as well as a roadmap for the future which includes the Blackberry 7 lineup of devices … Continue reading

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The darned Blackberry Isn’t working Again… A Classic!

TweetThis BBC video is a classic and an old favorite of mine… you have to think that this past week that Ronnie has gotten loads of attention from this once again. Enjoy…

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eBLASTER Mobile – A solution to Monitor Mobile activity to curb London riot activity?

TweetWith the shocking events transpiring on the streets of London and other UK cities recently the demand for mobile solutions designed to trace the communications of Blackberry device users has come up. One Florida based company has come up with … Continue reading

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ArcGIS + SimpleGeo to Build an Enterprise Class Checkin Widget for Blackberry Playbook Tablet

TweetThe Webmapsolutions gang have been doing some really cool, cutting edge work developing mobile apps and services with the ArcGIS APIs for Blackberry. Using an ArcGIS API vi a custom app developed to run on Blackberry Playbook, the guys at … Continue reading

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