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BreweryMap and BreweryDB – Mapping Every Brewery you can think of… and then some!

TweetThere’s no doubt that GeoGeeks like beer and the BeerGeek in me also digs maps so when you combine beer + maps you definitely have a winner – enter BreweryMap!  This awesome service does a great job at mapping all … Continue reading

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BullyVention maps Bullying in America via the Bullying Index

TweetHow do you increase awareness about the important topic of Bullying… you create a heat map naturally! Indeed, that’s exactly what one savvy youngster from Virgina has been doing via a project know ass BullyVention.

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Creative Cartography Meets Music in The Song Map

TweetOh yes, I love art… I also love music too, heck, who doesn’t right? Well, I know you GeoGeeks and music lovers will really dig this one as we stumble onto yet another amazing cartographic product that quite simply will … Continue reading

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Extreme Weather Map Reveals 10 Worst States

TweetSome new numbers crunched by the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) and 2012 tallies reveal even more monthly weather records set than the 3,251 records smashed in 2011, with record-breaking heat, rainfall and snow events catalogued by State – Top … Continue reading

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