The Living Atlas, Taking Center Stage at ESRIUC

GIS is all about the data, it always has been and I’ve been preaching that since 1999 I believe. ArcGIS Online is the platform, however, without rich, 3D data, what’s the point right? ArcGIS Online is the gateway that Esri wants you to use as your access point for feature rich, 3D, raster and vector data and media. As AGO matures we are now hearing about the next step in the evolution – The Living Atlas  The Living Atlas was a focal point of Jack Dangermond’s plenary keynote at ESRIUC on Monday morning, with demos spinning on the Globe and Jack encouraging the user community to use it and contribute – yes, it also made my list of 10 things that turned my head at ESRIUC!

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New Orleans Mardis Gras Parking Map

The party will take place in the Big Easy very soon (Feb 6-8) and if you have plans to head to N’Orleans you might want some helpful parking and parade route information. No worries, there’s a map for that from NOLAGIS (powered by ArcGIS Online). Use the map to identify daily road closures and parking restrictions…

New Orleans mardis gras maps

New Orleans mardis gras maps

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Explorer for ArcGIS on Android, coming soon!

Found this little nugget via Twitter (@ChrisLeSueur) and courtesy of Jeff Shaner @jeffshaner and the ArcGIS mobile team… yep, Explorer for ArcGIS on Android, coming soon! According to details of the release on the ArcGIS blog… “Explorer for ArcGIS on Android is a native app and has a look and feel that will be familiar to Android users. Like our other Explorer for ArcGIS apps on iOS and Mac OS X this app was created for everyone, it is intuitive and easy to use…no special training is required to us the app.” See more on the Esri blog

The Beta is open although this is a private Beta

Tasking your own satellite for data collection… there’s an app for that!

Yes indeed, recently, at the ESRIUC, Esri business partner, Airbus Defense and Space showed off their newly launched service that enables ArcGIS users to easily task a satellite (Pleiades and SPOT) for data collection over any area of interest. the service is now available through the ArcGIS Marketplace and boasts that users will receive their data within 30-60 days (See also the PR announcement).

Airbus Defense & Space Satellite Tasking at the Esri User Conference

Airbus Defense & Space Satellite Tasking at the Esri User Conference

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ArcGIS 10.2.1 and the Top 10 key improvements

Recall that it wasn’t too long ago that Esri officially announced the deprecation announcement for ArcGIS 10.1 and the upcoming release of 10.2.1 – see the support blog for details. From Esri… With the ArcGIS 10.2.1 update to the Deprecation Plan, the pattern is changing from a once-a-year release format to new updates with every release. The Deprecation Plan is also expanding to cover apps, mobile, and ArcGIS Runtime SDK products. We were reminded of these changes by our friend Tripp Corbin  from Corbin Associates who has also provided a quick look at some of the most noteworthy updates in this latest release.


Image Credit: Esri

See here for Tripp’s 10 key improvements in ArcGIS 10.2.1

Web Maps for WordPress Plugin Connects with ArcGIS Online

I announced previously in a blog post that GeoJobsGIS was working on a WordPress plugin for ArcGIS users (Free and Pro versions) that would enable  the integration of ArcGIS Online maps within WordPress blogs.. well, the plugin is now officially here!

This from the plugin page… Quickly and easily search and add interactive maps to your pages and posts with the “Add a Map” button. Designed similar to the familiar “Add Media” button.

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Coming Soon – The ArcGIS Online Plugin for WordPress #MapThis

There’s no question that ArcGIS Online is meant to enable anyone and everyone to access and use geospatial data in many creative ways – heck, using ArcGIS Explorer the sky is the limit on the kind of map you can create and share with anyone. Well, thanks to the gang at GeoJobe GIS Consulting (@geojobegis) soon you’ll be able to use their nifty ArcGIS plugin for WordPress – WOAH!!

Yes indeed, the plugin, coming soon, will be available in a free or pro version and reports to enable users to integrate the power of “where” into their WordPress blog posts – think tens of millions of potential users of your data. I bet now you’re thinking a little harder about maybe publishing your data via ArcGIS online! Check it out at and register to be notified when you can get started.

Options for Developers with ArcGIS 10.2

Loads of updates from Redlands recently as team Esri rolls out ArcGIS 10.2. The company officially announced that 10.2 is shipping and they are boasting the ease of use and enhanced web publishing capabilities (think WebGIS) – be sure to see also this Top 10 Features of ArcGIS 10.2 List! Along with the release there’s also a new subscription service (and testing plan) availble to the Dev crowd for ArcGIS Online (think Esri hosted services in the cloud) – cool stuff!

For the developer, they can start a subscription and continue at the free level, or they can upgrade to a selection of paid levels that provide more storage and services, as well as the ability to deploy commercial applications with no extra fees or royalties. The dev platform includes the following features:

  •     APIs and SDKs
  •     Addresses – Use the geocoding service
  •     Directions and Routing – Get routes and directions between locations
  •     Store and Query Geographic Data in Feature Services
  •     Mapping and Visualization Tools
  • See more on the subscription options HERE


Note, I also recently shared a quick little blog post from a colleague touting the merits of 10.2 along with some useful pointers

New Functionality and Features in ArcGIS 10.2

ArcGIS 10.2 is now shipping… have you had a chance to use it yet? Just yesterday Esri officially announced the update and key functionality including enhanced UI, real time data access and more.  Tripp Corbin has penned a few thoughts about this latest release in his latest blog post and looks at some of the new functionality you’ll find in 10.2. New features include:

  • Improved performance – ArcGIS Desktop now supports multiple processors/cores with parallel processing
  • Improved security – Support Public Key Infrastructure
  • 16 new geoprocessing tools including Excel to Table, Table to Excel, Optimized Hot Spot Analysis, Merge Mosaic Dataset Items and more
  • Inclusion of Mailing Label Templates with Report Writer
  • Portal for ArcGIS – lets you deploy your own version of ArcGIS Online behind your firewall
  • Increased number of services and apps with ArcGIS Online
  • Data and Map Document Compatibility with ArcGIS 10.1 – no need to back save new geodatabases or map documents to ArcGIS 10.1 versions
  • Support for 2013 Version DWG files

From Tripp… For a complete listing of what is new in ArcGIS 10.2 SEE HERE. You might also want to read this blog article which reviews ArcGIS for Desktop 10.2 pre-release version at