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New Orleans Mardis Gras Parking Map

TweetThe party will take place in the Big Easy very soon (Feb 6-8) and if you have plans to head to N’Orleans you might want some helpful parking and parade route information. No worries, there’s a map for that from … Continue reading

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Emojis for the GeoGeek!

TweetHere’s a little fun from the Esri GeoGeeks as they’ve asked the @esrigram followers for thoughts on some cool Emojis for the ArcGIS user. The result is an impressive, fun list of some 20 cool emojis… have fun!

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Explorer for ArcGIS on Android, coming soon!

TweetFound this little nugget via Twitter (@ChrisLeSueur) and courtesy of Jeff Shaner @jeffshaner and the ArcGIS mobile team… yep, Explorer for ArcGIS on Android, coming soon! According to details of the release on the ArcGIS blog… “Explorer for ArcGIS on … Continue reading

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Tasking your own satellite for data collection… there’s an app for that!

TweetYes indeed, recently, at the ESRIUC, Esri business partner, Airbus Defense and Space showed off their newly launched service that enables ArcGIS users to easily task a satellite (Pleiades and SPOT) for data collection over any area of interest. the … Continue reading

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ArcGIS 10.2.1 and the Top 10 key improvements

TweetRecall that it wasn’t too long ago that Esri officially announced the deprecation announcement for ArcGIS 10.1 and the upcoming release of 10.2.1 – see the support blog for details. From Esri… With the ArcGIS 10.2.1 update to the Deprecation … Continue reading

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Web Maps for WordPress Plugin Connects with ArcGIS Online

TweetI announced previously in a blog post that GeoJobsGIS was working on a WordPress plugin for ArcGIS users (Free and Pro versions) that would enable  the integration of ArcGIS Online maps within WordPress blogs.. well, the plugin is now officially … Continue reading

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Coming Soon – The ArcGIS Online Plugin for WordPress #MapThis

TweetThere’s no question that ArcGIS Online is meant to enable anyone and everyone to access and use geospatial data in many creative ways – heck, using ArcGIS Explorer the sky is the limit on the kind of map you can … Continue reading

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Options for Developers with ArcGIS 10.2

TweetLoads of updates from Redlands recently as team Esri rolls out ArcGIS 10.2. The company officially announced that 10.2 is shipping and they are boasting the ease of use and enhanced web publishing capabilities (think WebGIS) – be sure to … Continue reading

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New Functionality and Features in ArcGIS 10.2

TweetArcGIS 10.2 is now shipping… have you had a chance to use it yet? Just yesterday Esri officially announced the update and key functionality including enhanced UI, real time data access and more.  Tripp Corbin has penned a few thoughts … Continue reading

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Answers… What is ArcGIS Pro?

TweetSomething new that was touted this year pre-ESRIUC and at the event was ArcGIS Pro – according to Esri, this is the future. Essentially, ArcGIS Pro is the culmination of user feedback, requests, and desired functionality. Using various forms of … Continue reading

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ESRIUC Notes – Top 10 new features in ArcGIS 10.2

TweetI’m a big fan of Top 10 lists, and I’m also a fan of the annual ESRIUC, so when there happens to be a Top 10 list featured on stage at the event I tend to take note! This year … Continue reading

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Colorado wildfires map: Black Forest fire, Royal Gorge, Big Meadows in

Tweet Some interesting data being shared by the Denver Post as they track the devastation resulting from the wildfires near Colorado Springs, Colorado. Note, a KML file is available from HERE for use in Google Earth, Google maps, and … Continue reading

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