Awesome Maps and Data Visualizations from 2013

I’m not calling this a “best” list as that’s pretty tough to call, however, it is a fine list of sweet maps and data visualizations that we enjoyed and shared with the community during the first half of 2013 – enjoy these visualizations mapping music, sports, Cardinals, and even hate! Do you have a favorite Map or DataViz from 2013? Please ping me @gletham

Moore, Oklahoma, before and after the tornado, seen by Astrium Satellite
Satellites, operated and built by Astrium, number three company in the world for space technologies, have captured this image of Moore, Oklahoma, which clearly shows the devastation caused by the massive tornado that swept through the region on May 20, 2013.

NFL Fan Map (FandomMap) Data Visualization created from Facebook data
Super Bowl week is here so that means more cool data visualizations.. best BBQ, tail gate hot spots, and those awesome NFL fan maps!

TweetPing Maps The World’s Twitter Activity in Real Time
I simply had to share details of this awesome real-time map of the world’s Twitter activity so you could enjoy the awesomeness of it – Enter TweetPing.

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7 Awesome mobile Apps On My Android Smartphone Right Now…

I test lots of mobile apps.. tons of them actually, so deciding which apps are going to remain on my smartphone can be a little tricky! Obviously, if you have an app and expect it to remain on my deck at my fingertips it MUST provide me with at least a little bit of awesomeness! The following are 7 sweet and useful mobile apps that are currently on my smartphone (a Samsung Galaxy SII – Android)

  1. Photo to Pinterest – everyone is using Pinterest these days and I’m no exception. This is a handy utility that enables me to quickly share my photos with Pinterest. I can quickly snap a pic or pull one from my gallery, then Pin it and also share vbia Twitter and facebook. It also integrates with other third pary apps to provide custom effects on my photos (like LightBox)
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Faves – 10 Favorite Tweets From the Geo Twitter Sphere

I try to follow along with Twitter and frequently Fave tweets that I really dig. Here’s 10 recent Tweets of interest from my stream… enjoy! FYI, you can follow yours truly @gletham if you don’t already!

favorite [fey-ver-it, feyv-rit] – a person or thing regarded with special favor or preference

  • @michael_d_gould RT @laurelatoreilly: “Don’t Call Yourself A Programmer, And Other Career Advice” by @patio11 via @timoreilly
  • @aprilfilms Build a Cell Phone Charger in Five Minutes While Inside Radio Shack [Video]
  • @developerworks Content curation and why every company needs to think of itself as a media company: @shelholtz presentation #socbiz
  • @gsterling Nokia Maps: now playing on iOS and Android
  • @davidcohen Instant infographic of your twitter activity? @vizify TweetSheet. (let me know if you find the easter egg)
  • @nokiadeveloper the #Qt Project is big step forward for Qt community – and it is open to all w/ skill and will to join us! Learn more:
  • @josephkerski Great opportunity! AAG NSF International Geographical Union Conference Travel Grants
  • @marismith Today’s the day!!! My brand new book officially launches!! Get the scoop here:
  • @jmoreyco Learn how to make your own social media map with this tip from @bernszukalski and @gisjourno
  • @uconnlibmagic #Cravify Maps Occupy Wall Street #Tweets #map #socialmedia #ows #occupywallstreet #interactivemap #twitter


7 Cools Things To Help With Infographics, Event Promo, or Your Web Marketing

Since I’ve  been pretty heavy on sharing tools, tips, and tricks that help with marketing, social push, and related topics lately lets end the week with a few more tips. Here’s 7 handy social media friendly, Web2.0 resources that could help you if you need some PR and marketing tricks, event promotion tips, or other handy tools or the trade.

  1. Need Charts? Hohli is an intuitive, simple online chart maker. It’s incredibly easy to pick your chart type, add some data, vary the sizes and colours and see the finished chart.
  2. StatPlanet is a browser-based interactive data visualization and mapping application. Use it to easily and rapidly create visualizations from simple Flash maps to advanced infographics
  3. Creately lets you make easy-to-make diagrams and flow charts (easy to collaborate too). When you start, you can choose from a number of purpose-designed diagram types and quickly add your data to make your own chart.
  4. Visibly Social Analytics – Track each shared link in real-time, and find out which ones are being clicked on across Facebook and Twitter using  social analytics in real-time
  5. SWIX Analytics – Track over 75 social media metrics in one unified dashboard
  6. SpeakerMeter gives people attending a talk an easy way to provide by-the-minute feedback to speakers and gives speakers a way to visualize that audience feedback over time
  7. TweetVite – Hosting a tweetUp or unconference etc…? TweetVite is a social media event promotion tool that integrates with Twitter

7 Favorites – Must Bookmark Mobile Developer Resources

There’s loads of developer resources out there chasing the lucrative mobile space, particularly with the heated battle for dominance of the smartphone location services market. The following are 7 mobile developer resources to consider…

  1. The official HTC developer program. HTC is one of the fastest growing device manufacturers on the planet and with every new device come new opportunities for development
  2. MS App Hub – The official developer portal from Microsoft. A must visit / must join resource for Microsoft developers. Look for EDU resources, docs, tools, community forums and more
  3. Bing Maps Account Center – The Bing Maps Account Center allows you to create keys to use the Bing Maps AJAX Control, Bing Maps Silverlight Control, Bing Maps SOAP Services, Bing Maps REST Services and Bing Spatial Data Services.
  4. Windows Phone Dev Hub – For developers interested in creating app for Win Mobile devices see the App Hub the latest Win Mo developer news, tips, docs, edu resources, Q&A and resources for submitting your app.
  5. Foursquare Dev Home – The foursquare developer site is your starting point for all things related to working with foursquare programmatically.
  6. Acetate dev Tools from GeoIQ – Acetate is a new way of thinking about basemap tiles. Made in conjunction with Stamen Design, it allows you to layer pieces of the basemap throughout your visualization.
  7. Nokia Developer – Formerly Forum.Nokia, this is THE resource for those interested in developing for Symbian S60, S40, Meego, Qt, WinPhone and other Nokia supported environments. A great place to start!


Friday errr… Sunday Sharing & Seven Cool Geo things

We typically share this kind of cool stuff on Friday for a little “Friday fun”, however, things were a little hectic the other day so here’s a little Sunday fun for you! Enter 7 cool things that I’m pleased to share with you… enjoy!

  1. iPhone App of the day – Miso. This clever social location c heckin service offers the fun and gaming experience of foursquare but with a twist… the app enables users to checkin from home and share what show they are watching! See the video demo or jump to
  2. Blackberry App – National Geographic recently announced the launch of the National Geographic Application for BlackBerry smartphone users in Hong Kong and Australia. The application is the first Hong Kong-developed National Geographic application designated for the BlackBerry platform and features a collection of wallpapers, ring-tones and video highlights from the National Geographic Channel. See more details
  3. S60 Spotlight – ViewRanger GPS for S60. ViewRanger GPS offers far more than a map on a phone. It is a complete outdoor navigator with simple to use GPS interface, trail navigation, a sports computer to log progress, and the BuddyBeacon to locate friends. Routes can be plotted on the handset, imported via GPX, or downloaded over-the-air from ViewRanger’s growing library of guided routes. ViewRanger is popular for all kinds of outdoor recreational activities – on land, on water and in the air. It is also used and relied upon by outdoor professionals including Search and Rescue teams and field workers. ViewRanger GPS is available from or see also the Ovi app store (
  4. Android OS app – Gowalla social location checkin for Android OS. Previously the Gowalla experience was tailored to the iPhone and Android users could only access the service through Gowalla’s mobile website. Gowalla for Android provides Android device owners with an experience that highlights the strengths and uniqueness of Android OS. Gowalla for Android is available for free starting today in the Android Market and at
  5. Tweet of the day – via @golfpinfinder … My @Palm #webOS app “GolfPinFinder?” is competing for $100,000 in Palm’s Hot Apps promotion! – On Sale now too! See more about Palm hot apps
  6. Twitter add-on of the day – Doubledutch… DoubleDutch offers a number of off the shelf features: – Social Check In – the ability to share your location with your friends – Search and Discovery – the ability to explore local merchants both nearby and around the world – Consumer Reviews – the ability to read and write reviews of local businesses anywhere in the world – Twitter and Facebook integration included
  7. Free GIS Data Pick of the day – is an Open Source web portail for the management of Open worldwide geolocated postal addresses. So far the web service has a pretty slick UI using the OpenStreetMap base and some limited functionality with promises of more to come soon. See @openaddresses

Top 10 Auto Technologies include LBS and Navigation

Indeed the Top 10 lists are a plenty as we approach the end of the year (and end of another decade). I ran into an interesting list put together by looking at some of the top technologies to complement the auto industry during the 2000’s… naturally, LBS and navigation were huge! The Edmonds top 10 includes:

1. iPod Integration
2. MP3 File Access
3. Bluetooth
4. Satellite Radio
5. High-End Branded Audio Systems
7. Navigation
8. Voice Activation
9. Ford Sync
10. Location-Based Services

See more details HERE

Friday Sharing & Seven Cool things

One again, I’m pleased to share with you 7 cool things from the “goodie bag”… enjoy these apps and services:

  1. iPhone App of the day – Twitter360 with Augmented Reality AR – Twitter 360 is a new application specifically developed for the iPhone 3GS that enables you to visualize your Twitter friends located in your nearby environment. See the video demo
  2. Blackberry App – CitySearch for Blackberry. Updated Mobile by Citysearch Application for BlackBerry Smartphones Delivers Local the Way Users Want It; Includes Calendar and Email Integration and Twitter Functionality.
  3. S60 Spotlight – The Nokia N900 isn’t S60, rather it runs the maemo Open Source (think next-gen Symbian OS) and is the latest device from Nokia to start shipping – think of this one as the new flagship smartphone fromm the device maker. At the heart of the Nokia N900 is its powerful ARM Cortex-A8 processor and up to 1GB of total application memory.
  4. Android OS app – Telmap Navigator for Android. Telmap Navigator for Android enables users to be set-up and navigating within seconds. It provides users with real-time, relevant and localized services.
  5. Tweet of the day – via @geoparadigm  RT @tabascojack: you will love the GIS Day song “Tied Together”
  6. Twitter add-on of the day – Waze mobile navigation for iPhone now has even more Twitter connect functionality so users can share details of their trips via Twitter. See @waze on Twitter
  7. Free GIS Data Pick of the day – It seems the UK Ordnacne Survey is making a bold move to open up access to their data in the new year. From a recently released PR… “Ordnance Survey Chairman Sir Rob Margetts says: “I am delighted that the Prime Minister and John Denham have today made these proposals about releasing for free some of Ordnance Survey’s data to support innovation, accountability and growth. I  also very much welcome the commitment made by Government to contribute to the cost of this.”

Finally, another 7 Cool things!

Yes indeed, it’s been some time since I’ve shared my 7 cool things… and so, by popular request, another edition of 7 Cool things that I’d like to share with my readers… enjoy!

1. iPhone App of the day –  WHERE is a fabulous app that is always listed in the Top Free apps in the iTunes store. I’m pleased to say I was a fan long before the app hit the iPhone platform as it was a staple on the deck of my Nokia N95 8GB, Where enables users to access local information albeit in a location-aware context. Use the app (and supporting widgets) to locate a Starbucks nearby, find the cheapest gas (think GasBuddy), read local news stories, and have the local weather at your fingertips. Search “WHERE” in the App store or jump to for corporate information

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