Story Map Shares Top 25 Things to do in San Diego While at #ESRIUC

In typical map geek fashion, Esri has shared a clever Story Map to help the GeoGeek navigate some of the best things to do while in San Diego at the annual International ESRIUC. Tips range from networking opportunities, key learning events, Dev talks, a 5K walk and there’s even a group yoga class – pretty much something for everyone!

25 Things to do while at ESRIUC

25 Things to do while at ESRIUC

You definitely won’t be bored during ESRIUC week!

Check out the Story Map HERE


5 Things on Friday – Hackathons, Architecture, Smartphone Usage and Beer from Sewage!

Another busy week has blown by and once again I had the pleasure of being introduced to many cool things on the web and around the GeoWeb. And so,  I’m pleased to share with you just 5 of the Cool things that I learned about this week… enjoy another Edition of 5 Things on Friday (and thanks to those of you who provided some fine tips!)

5 Things on Friday - Hackathons, Architecture, and Beer from Sewage!Check out this week’s 5 Things on Friday HERE

Five of the Best Mobile Apps in Finding Local Deals

A Mashable report showed that 75% of American mobile users plan to use their device for online shopping, 42% intend to purchase big and small ticket items, and 32% are inclined in using mobile mobile apps. The data also reported that 73% of the respondents were satisfied or very satisfied with their smartphone shopping experiences, while 69% said they prefer their tablets when shopping.  In the perspective of entrepreneurs, marketers from Let’s Get Wise (@letsgetwise) tweeted one of their blog articles outlining the power of mobile device to drive sales. It was supported by the latest Deloitte Media Survey revealing that £15 billion ($25 billion) of sales was driven by information found on smartphone in the United Kingdom alone. It generates online and offline sales. For the consumers, its convenience is said to influence our decision when purchasing.
GrouponIn this post, we’ll feature five mobile applications that will assist you in finding the best local deals. Continue reading the full article HERE

5 High-Tech Camping Tools For Your Next Trip

With Memorial Day upon us that means one thing, summer is here… wow! With the hot, sunny (hopefully) summer season that means camping for many of us and so to celebrate that w4’ve got a special feature to share with you that will introduce you to  5 very cool, high tech tools that you can use on your next camping trip.

The days of going without showers, phone service and spending 20 minutes pitching your tent on weekend camping trips are over. Modern technology has taken some of the “roughing it” out of camping, but at the same time has made the experience more fun and efficient. Here are five items to consider before heading for the hills.

5 High-Tech Camping Tools For Your Next Trip

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5 Things on Friday

Another 5 Things on Friday and time to share 5 cool things found this week by wandering aimlessly around the Internet. This weeks gems include some Mario mapping, super bowl fun, an awesome trip planning tool,  an effort to stop bullying, and some funny videos from a cool, rugged device…

View the 5 Cool Things HERE

5 Things on Friday, 2014 #1

It’s been sometime since I’ve rolled out an edition of the popular “5 Things on Friday” series and so with the turn of the calendar to a new year why not revive the series once again… enter 5Things on Friday #1 (2014). This week I share details of a couple of cool and geeky events, an awesome newsy map from esri,  a handy dandy book from a favorite author of mine, and a hop, new resource for GeoGeeks… enjoy!

5 things on friday

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5 More Cool Things Spotted at ESRIUC

It’s been a bit since I rolled out an edition of “5 Cool Things“, so I figured since I saw so many cool things at ESRIUC this would be a perfect chance to pen an update! Enter The Sand Table – This was one of those “WOW” displays that attracted a crowd and left you thinking to yourself, “I gotta get me one of those!”  The company, Simtable, provides digital sandtables to the wildfire, emergency management, defense and urban security communities. Combining existing GIS data with next generation agent-based modeling and ambient computing SimTable provides a straightforward easy to use approach in incident response and training. Customized models of communities and populations provide a truly interactive experience in all-hazards simulations. The demo showed us how the sand on the table (think kids sandbox) could be moved around and shaped to model a 3D environment, then a series of map layers were projected onto the sand resulting in a very realistic environment to better grasp the situation. What was really cool was the ability to then light the sand on fire with a lighter and then view a real model of the spread of the wildfire based on various environmental and geographic conditions (wind, slope, aspect, etc…) It truly was impressive! 2013ESRIUC 179

5 Things on Friday #12 – A Geo-Geeky Edition!

I realize it’s been some time so once again I’m pleased to share a fun and hopefully useful 5 Things on Friday.. enjoy and sorry about the delay! ;0) This edition gets a little geeky for our developer friends… Some of the goodies shared in this one include special activities at ESRIUC for the devgeeks; some GeoJSON tips; foursquare mashing up your data; iOS 7 goodies; crowd-sourcing for the National Map, and a GeoServer book of interest

Check out 5 Things on Friday #12 HERE

Another 5 Things on Friday…

Well, another Friday came and went and with it came another installment of 5 Things on Friday. In this latest edition I shared details of the latest device from Samsung, data from the OpenOakland OpenGov resource, some tips on story telling from Pixar, a coursera on Geotech from Penn State, and National Geographic pipes in on sequestration… some great stuff here, enjoy!  See 5 Things on Friday #9