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Nokia’s HERE is Creating HD 3D Maps

TweetThis update comes via my colleague Gene Roe of LiDARnews… Nokia’s HERE unit is using technology developed by earthmine which includes laser scanners to develop what they claim is the next generation of street maps. As reported in Slash Gear the … Continue reading

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The 3D Seflie! 3D scan yourself at home with Kinect

TweetEver wanted to give the ultimate gift to someone, like a 3D printed figure of yourself? Well, now you can with! Using the Kinect hardware, users can scan themselves and get a 3D figure shipped off in not time, … Continue reading

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Visit Curtin University Australia via virtual 3D model

TweetAn impressive virtual 3D model flies you around the Curtin University campus (Australia) created with aero3Dpr. About the project…  Based on advanced aerial photogrammetry techniques, aero3Dpro is a 3D modeling service from Australian mapping and survey company AEROmetrex.  The unprecedented … Continue reading

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The Sub $100 3D Printer Getting A Kickstart – Peachy Printer

TweetLooking for your very own 3D printer? It’s small but makes up for that in coolness! Peachy Printer comes via a kickstarter project started by a Saskatchewan developer, Rylan Grayston – Sourced via The Winnipeg Free Press online See more … Continue reading

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Social Tip – Add an Instagram Competition to Your Event Plans

TweetInstagram is huge, there’s no question about that. Instagram is also very social and it’s a great way to engage your friends, customers and others. People really enjoy sharing moments they capture and Instagram also has a pretty nice user … Continue reading

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Staples to Start Selling Cube 3D Printers Commencing in June

TweetWhat’s that you say… you’re headed to Staples for supplies? While there would you please pick me up some pens, pencils, a few notepads, oh, and grab me a 3D printer also! Yep… Staples is likely one of the first … Continue reading

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3D models from laser scans with Autodesk ReCap

TweetAn interesting application from Autodesk – ReCap (thanks to Gene Roe of for turning me on to this one).  Autodesk ReCap now enables any designer, architect or engineer to add, modify, validate and document their design process in context … Continue reading

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Create Your Custom Lumia 820 Case With a 3D Printer

TweetHere’s something kinda cool that you may have never thought of… how about printing up a new shell for your smartphone? Well, if you happen to have a device like the Nokia Lumia 820 which sports a removable shell (case)  … Continue reading

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Video – Overwatch and LiDAR Analyst 5.1 at GeoInt 2012

TweetI recently had the pleasure of a  meetup with Matt Morris, Product development director, Overwatch Systems, LTD. at geoInt 2012 in Orlando, FL.  Matt discusses LiDAR Analyst 5.1 for high end visualization of LiDAR data in a 3D environment. Recall, LIDAR … Continue reading

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3D Modeling with 123D Design for iPad, Mac, PC or Web Browser

TweetAn iOS solution for 3D design enthusiasts from Autodesk with Autodesk 123D Design. From Autodesk… Autodesk 123D Design helps users get their projects started by providing base shapes and example models that help move past a blank screen and into … Continue reading

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Great To See 3D Buildings – Let’s Have More!

TweetI love 3D and I’m always amazed that we don’t see more it it,  although that is slowly changing, mostly thanks to user friendly technology enabling almost anyone to easily (sort of) create awesome 3D images and renderings or just … Continue reading

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3D Mobile Scanning to model Space Shuttle Endeavor Move to LA

TweetLiDAR and laser scanning data is useful for many visualization projects, for example, pipeline corridor mapping, utility planning, and many other applications like perhaps modeling the route for moving the Space Shuttle Endeavor to its permanent home in a museum … Continue reading

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