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Cool Geo Technology – 10 Awesome Things seen at 2014 ESRIUC

TweetIndeed there’s no shortage of cool and amazing technology to touch, see, and hear about at ESRIUC, actually, its almost overwhelming so creating a list of just 10 awesome things I saw is no simple task. Hopefully I won’t crush … Continue reading

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TripAdvisor Serves up America’s Top 10 Burger Joints

TweetThere’s nothing better in the summer than a big, juicy burger hot off the grille. So where in America can you score the best burger you might ask? Well, I’m a little biased myself and the results here are likely … Continue reading

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Top 10 New Features in MAPublisher 9.4 for Illustrator

TweetWhat do the USGS, Bloomberg, USA Today, the United Nations, the National Park Service, the FBI and others have in common? All of these well known orgs rely on  MAPublisher software from Avenza systems to help them create and author … Continue reading

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Mashing up Two of My Favorite Things… Coffee + Maps for Coffee walkingshed communities

TweetYes indeed, I take notice when I see maps of things I really enjoy, like beer and coffee! Enter these maps showing “walkable regions” for independent coffee shops in major Metropolitan areas like Brooklyn, Portland, and Seattle.

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10 Minutes of pure HD awesomeness and completely off-topic!

TweetI simply had to share this because of the pure awesomeness of it all. I know its completely unrelated to anything Geo but who cares, if you don’t want to watch it don’t bother – Enjoy…  

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A Few Favorite GISuser Blogs Posts and Features from 2013

TweetGlenn’s Picks –  Something I like to do on a regular basis is blog… I’ve actually been blogging my own GeoTech opinions regularly since about 1998 and I’m still at it! In addition to posting daily [almost] on the AnyGeo … Continue reading

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Awesome Maps and Data Visualizations from 2013

TweetI’m not calling this a “best” list as that’s pretty tough to call, however, it is a fine list of sweet maps and data visualizations that we enjoyed and shared with the community during the first half of 2013 – … Continue reading

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WOW Technology – Coin, One Payment Coin for All your Cards

TweetCoin is an awesome, new, secure payment system that provides loads of flexibility and convenience for users – use one coin for all your cards! Now available (pre-sale)  to users, Coin is a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) connected card – … Continue reading

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Just in Time for the School Year – The Top 100 US Party Colleges

TweetJust in time for the 2013-14 College year, fiesta frog has released their list of the top 100 US party schools! I’m a little biased perhaps, however, I find it a little tough that CSU or UC Boulder are not … Continue reading

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ESRIUC Notes – Top 10 new features in ArcGIS 10.2

TweetI’m a big fan of Top 10 lists, and I’m also a fan of the annual ESRIUC, so when there happens to be a Top 10 list featured on stage at the event I tend to take note! This year … Continue reading

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Spatial Media Friday Roundup of GeoTech Articles

TweetOur company, SpatialMedia, operates several publications and resources, all touching on some aspect of geo technology. The following are a sampling or recent articles and posts of interest  from the Spatial Media properties… enjoy! Laser Scanning the Cliffs of Moher … Continue reading

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GeoTech Training and Webinars – 10 Awesome Resources

TweetOnline webinars and online education and training is hot, not to mention very handy and educational – oh, and it’s Free! Many folks are looking for a little competitive edge or simply into multi-tasking and enjoy running a webinar in … Continue reading

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