10 Reasons Why You Should Love Twitter!

I gotta admit, I’m really tired of hearing from people that they think Twitter is simply a waste of time, or a stupid social network for boasting about your cat or where you eat or for sharing a selfie etc… Seriously, if you think that’s what Twitter is all about then you are missing out. And if you happen to be a “technology professional” and have that mind-set, I’d seriously also have to question your technology skills and the lack of an open mind that you bring to your work and your personal life. In short… crawl out from under that rock!

10 reasons to love twitter even if you hate it!

There’s many ways to use Twitter. There’s no right or wrong way to use it and the possibilities are seemingly endless. To say that using Twitter is silly and/or a waste of time is very short sighted. Read on for 10 Things you can easily do with Twitter that will make you love it, even if you hate it!

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10 GeoTech Blogs and Features Worth A Read

I love the year end because we get treated to all those wonderful, interesting Best of the year, Top stories, and Top 100 lists – I can’t get enough of them myself. So with the news trickling in at a snail pace and relatively little activity coming our of the business World what else are we to read? I’ve been catching up a little bit over the past day or so and found some great material to satisfy my craving for geotech news and substance of interest. The following are just 10 things (no particular order)  that I’ve read lately and would offer up to you as some suggested reading while you sip your coffee… enjoy!

year end reading

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10 new articles and GeoTech tips from GISuser

Lots of activity in the GeoTech space this week so far. the following are 10 new items of interest to appear at GISuser – A Tip – be sure to send your news tips to us!

GISuser.com” – 10 new articles

  1. Automation in Trimble Positions Software Suite Optimizes Data Integrity for GIS Professionals
  2. Timmons Group Welcomes Tim Sheldon to Their GIS Transportation Team
  3. Now Available: Explorer for ArcGIS on Android #mobiletip
  4. European Space Agency Private Cloud from Orange Business Services Helps Scientists Do Rocket Science Instead of IT
  5. 5 new features Android fans want to see
  6. European Space Imaging – Supporting OPEKEPE
  7. PRIA Announces Approval of Redaction Best Practices Paper
  8. L’Avion Jaune Selects Septentrio’s RTK Technology for YellowScan
  9. What’s New In ArcGIS Online
  10. ROTC students charting new territory with GIS technology

Get Happy! 10 Cities With the Happiest Workers

Employees in the Bay Area have a lot to smile about, according to a report from career website Glassdoor. San Jose tops the list of cities with the most satisfied employees for the second year in a row, followed by San Francisco in the number two spot. It’s not surprising, said Glassdoor community expert Scott Dobroski, because the tech sector reigns in this region.

Screen Shot 2014-06-16 at 11.01.54 AM

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Cool Geo Technology – 10 Awesome Things seen at 2014 ESRIUC

Indeed there’s no shortage of cool and amazing technology to touch, see, and hear about at ESRIUC, actually, its almost overwhelming so creating a list of just 10 awesome things I saw is no simple task. Hopefully I won’t crush any feelings for those not mentioned here and just let it be known that this list could likely easily be rehashed into a “100 Cool things” list if I had the time!

Seen above: Cedar Tree mini Android smartphone

And so, enjoy these 10 Cool things seen at ESRIUC 2014

Did you see any tech at esriuc that blew your sox off? If so please tell me about it in a comment or tweet me @gletham

TripAdvisor Serves up America’s Top 10 Burger Joints

There’s nothing better in the summer than a big, juicy burger hot off the grille. So where in America can you score the best burger you might ask? Well, I’m a little biased myself and the results here are likely a little subjective, however, TripAdvisor has put together a list of the Top burger joints according to customer reviews and feedback… enjoy!

From the Midwest farmlands out to the shores of Florida and Hawaii, these 10 outstanding burger joints provide beef that’s a cut above. Top 10 Burger Joints in the U.S:

1. Black Hills Burger and Bun Co., Custer, South Dakota (5 out of 5 bubbles on TripAdvisor, 247 reviews)
Crafted using beef that’s ground daily and served atop house-baked buns, this Black Hills eatery serves up blissful burgers from an inventive menu, including “The Hot Granny” – a perfectly cooked beef or bison patty topped with bacon, cream cheese, and sweet and spicy jalapeno sauce. A TripAdvisor reviewer said, “Who would have imagined a burger could take on such an amazing flavor with a great combination of ingredients!”

Top 10 Burger joints in America

Top 10 Burger joints in America

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Top 10 New Features in MAPublisher 9.4 for Illustrator

What do the USGS, Bloomberg, USA Today, the United Nations, the National Park Service, the FBI and others have in common? All of these well known orgs rely on  MAPublisher software from Avenza systems to help them create and author awesome maps for their clients, customers, and the public. At R. 9.4 MAPublisher boasts loads of new functionality to support your cartographic and map publishing  needs. In addition to supporting pretty much ALL of the most common GIS and mapping data formats, MAPublisher works seamlessly with all common GIS and mapping platforms.

MAPublisher 9.4 for illustrator

MAPublisher 9.4 for illustrator

And so, the following are 10 New Features in MAPublisher 9.4 (for Illustrator):

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Mashing up Two of My Favorite Things… Coffee + Maps for Coffee walkingshed communities

Yes indeed, I take notice when I see maps of things I really enjoy, like beer and coffee! Enter these maps showing “walkable regions” for independent coffee shops in major Metropolitan areas like Brooklyn, Portland, and Seattle.

Seattle independent coffeeshop map

Seattle independent coffeeshop map

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