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Have you Checked For Google Results That Could Harm or Destroy you?

TweetWe all know this, people will Google you, and in particular, if you happen to be in the search for a new job, a contract, or other employment related position, the chances are very high (estimated at 75%) that the … Continue reading

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HERE maps for Android (Beta)

TweetFrom HERE… HERE offers fast, accurate maps that are always ready to use, with or without an internet connection. Search for places, find routes and get turn-by-turn voice guidance wherever you are. Underground, on holiday, or even in the middle … Continue reading

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That awkward moment when Microsoft “borrows” the Ignite name

TweetOhmy, yep, that awkward moment when Microsoft rips… errrr adopts the Ignite name and brands their own event with it… pretty tacky Microsoft! This via Twitter and Scott Berkun who shared with us details of this interesting Microsoft event… the … Continue reading

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Hello Google Nexus 6 – Running Android 5.0 Lollipop

TweetThe following comes from Motorola: With Nexus 6, we’ve worked with Google to bring you a bigger phone with more everything. More screen. More speed. More power. And, it’s the best Android experience ever with:

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Infographic – INRIX Reveals The Hidden Cost of Gridlock on Our Roads

TweetWith drivers in our world’s worst traffic cities wasting more than 60 hours in traffic last year, the frustrating impact of traffic congestion on our time has been known for some time The Hidden Cost of Gridlock on Our Roads

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A new Reward from the USGS for Crowd Sourcing Citizen Scientists

Tweetan update from the USGS on their crowd-sourcing efforts… The National Map Corps (TNMCorps) data volunteers continue to make significant additions to the USGS’s ability to provide accurate mapping information and data to the public. To reward those citizen scientists, TNM Corps … Continue reading

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TextBuster Text Blocking BlueTooth Device Wants to Save Lives!

TweetHere’s something brilliant and perhaps an app that should be mandated by all motor vehicle insurance and licensing agencies! The TextBuster is fast and simple to install, works in any vehicle, prevents texting and mobile web access while the vehicle … Continue reading

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To Hack or not to Hack – Why “Hackathon”?

TweetThe term “Hacker” has been somewhat abused by the media, such that many may now view it as a derogatory term.  It has often been used by media to describe criminals who infect systems and breach networks. Hacker. Noun. “A … Continue reading

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Webinar – Sub-Meter GPS Accuracy on a Budget

TweetHere’s a webinar of interest to those involved in field data collection and concerned about accuracy. The webinar from Juniper Systems takes place Thursday (today) at 11 AM MDT (10 Pacific) In this webinar, Juniper Systems’ GIS experts will demonstrate … Continue reading

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BlackBerry Passport Targets the Business User

TweetI have to ask myself, what will the over/under be on the date when I see one of these in the wild?? Yep, BlackBerry is at it again with a new device for the business professional – enter the Passport.

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Multi-Point Video Conferencing Tools to Make Your Life Easier

TweetVideo conferencing can make life so much easier for you and your business, if you have the right tools. If you don’t have the right system in place, however, it can be frustrating, time consuming and expensive. Blue Jeans Multi-point … Continue reading

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Prepare for iOS Sharing Overload as iPhone 6 land in the hands of customers

TweetSelling out once again, the iPhone 6 is THE most expensive iPhone to date! Ughh.. here we are again, the dreaded iPhone delivery day. Yes indeed, today is the day that iPhone 6 and 6 Plus customers will start receiving … Continue reading

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