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Cincinnati Asks Residents to Be A Pothole Spotter

TweetAn interesting request from the Cincinnati City Manager… City Manager Harry Black is asking Cincinnati drivers to join the campaign to “Be a Pothole Spotter.” from the news post – “We’re in primetime pothole season. The ground’s thawing up, and … Continue reading

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Valentine Tip – Popular Dating Apps Vulnerable to Hackers

TweetIt seems that dating apps, like anything else these days, can be quite vulnerable and a treasure trove for hackers. So with Valentine’s Day approaching a reminder to be safe!  For example, hackers could intercept cookies from the app via … Continue reading

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Google Maps Engine users Told to Seek Alternatives

TweetYes indeed, out of the blue (seemingly) users of the Google Maps Engine service have been informed via messaging in an official user forum that the company has discontinued development of the service and will no longer be allowing new free … Continue reading

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Drone Mapping and Selecting Your First UAS … err … UAV… err… drone… err

TweetAh yes, to drone or not to drone… Selecting one’s first drone errr UAV errr UAS can be a little daunting. Do you purchase from a local dealer who can guide and advise you and also hook you up with … Continue reading

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Nokia’s HERE is Creating HD 3D Maps

TweetThis update comes via my colleague Gene Roe of LiDARnews… Nokia’s HERE unit is using technology developed by earthmine which includes laser scanners to develop what they claim is the next generation of street maps. As reported in Slash Gear the … Continue reading

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Magellan enters the Commercial Transportation Navigation GPS market

TweetInteresting news from hardware maker, Magellan as Magellan announces they are  entering the Commercial Transportation Navigation GPS market and brings its advanced navigation technology to the world of commercial vehicles with the introduction of its Magellan RoadMate Commercial 5190T GPS … Continue reading

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Map of Interstate and Cross-Border 2011 Migration Patterns

TweetA fabulous graphic has been made available from Atlas Van Lines. What better resource to get migration patterns and data than the moving company? And so, enter this graphic from Atlas showing in/out migration from various regions. The map shows … Continue reading

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Chinese Varyag aircraft carrier, snapped by DigitalGlobe in Yellow Sea

TweetDigitalGlobe’s Analysis Center has captured the first shot of Chinese aircraft carrier Varyag from space on its second sea trial. The mage was collected on Dec 8th by the first satellite in DigitalGlobe’s constellation – QuickBird – which just celebrated … Continue reading

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English Channel Storm Surge Chart

TweetThe storm surge affecting the English Channel on the 12-13 December was captured by a tide gauge on the Dart Estuary, Devon. The gauge is operated by oceanographic equipment manufacturer, Valeport. The data was telemetered and disseminated by the on-line … Continue reading

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Mobile Research: Tablet usage soaring, iOS dropping, Males purchase more and Prefer Checking In

TweetJiwire has recently released some interesting statistics on location and mobile data, most notable, users tend to prefer purchasing from a physical store when within 5 miles and overall, social checkins are boring! Finally, no surprise here but tablet usage … Continue reading

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US PLSS Data Projection Oops from BLM With

TweetAn interesting result when you attempt to add the BLM US public land survey system data into an map… these PLSS data are available from a KML file at I haven’t run into any projection issues within … Continue reading

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Don’t Discount The Importance of the Business Card and some Biz Card Tips

TweetNo matter how big you’re into social media and regardless of what you think, don’t under estimate the importance of keeping a business card with you! I hear and see people all the time touting how business cards are dead … Continue reading

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