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  • Glenn

    hi Glenn, nice wall! Don’t forget to tell people to check out the Jobs board for loads of great jobs!

  • David

    I ended up on your site twice – once because of Nokia N95 post and then Flixwagon – so I signed up for your rss.

  • Urittesoniuse

    I don’t even know,fellow!) continued to write in the same vein, it is interesting people!

  • Brandon

    Check out MapMyPage. Just copy one line of JavaScript into a web page and MapMyPage will automatically add Google Maps to all the locations mentioned in the page. It’s designed to be a fast, easy way for bloggers and website owners to add Google Maps to any website. I look forward to any feedback.

  • Newsforce

    News release: Obama souvenir maps + scooter contest from Rand McNally. Did you know Rand McNally has over 1M roads more than the other maps/directions search engines?

  • Paul

    New version of MapWindow GIS Open-source.
    I’m pleased to announce that the next release candidate – 4.7 – of MapWindow GIS has been posted to the download page.
    The installers are available here:
    MapWindow Desktop Application:
    MapWinGIS Activex Control:

  • Frokostordning

    Hmm that’s very interessting but frankly i have a hard time visualizing it… I’m wondering what others have to say….