Poor Blackberry… Blackphone goes for Blackberry’s throat

Poor Blackberry, they just can’t catch a break it seems! Even with recent reports revealing about 0% US marketshare (Ouch!) they keep on persisting to try and stand up and then they just get knocked down again. In the latest blow to the company  SILENT CIRCLE has hit back regarding the privacy of the Blackphone. It has taken Blackberry’s recent criticism, balled it up and thrown in back in Blackberry’s face. In a note directed at “privacy enthusiasts” but undoubtedly aimed at Blackberry, Silent Circle said that the negative attention is unwarranted.

Screen Shot 2014-07-16 at 10.04.58 AM

The firm replied to a blog post by Blackberry that sought to place the Canadian firm on a pedestal and its competition down in the doldrums. In its latest mud-slinging effort, it has taken on Knox, and Blackberry used Edward Snowden and his revelations to boost its own image, and run down other phone makers. “The latest artifact of the so-called Post-Snowden era is the Blackphone, a purportedly secure smartphone,” Blackberry said.

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