Connecting with Developers at GeoDevMeetup and the Startup Zone at #esriuc

It goes without saying that there’s loads of great opportunities for developers at the ESRIUC. Sure they have the dev Summit in the spring, however, the UC is really a great opportunity for the developers to connect with each other and even launch their latest app or startup business. Yesterday at the conference I spent a fair bit of time speaking to a number of developers in the very cool Startup Zone – a dedicated area for Devs to wow us all. Note, for companies meeting the requirements, getting accepted into the Zone is an affordable and very visible option to help kickstart your business.

One startup, OpenCounter used the event to launch a new service called, an online service (Beta) that enables any business owner to quickly identify areas that are suitable for their business location. Placemeter ( was also in the startup Zone to show off an amazing service that installs special sensors in urban areas to optimize pedestrian spaces and will even pay you to host a sensor if your location meets their needs – its way awesome! ThrdPlace was also in the Startup Zone showing us their localized social good platform (think crowd funding). Use the service to manage or simply locate a campaign or interest in your neighborhood. Finally, Canadian startup, Antris was showing an amazing system “that’s got your back”. The service enables travelers and adventurers (or anyone really) to setup alerts/notifications based on their location. Simply put, Antris provides adventurers, boaters, travelers, professionals and their families and employers with improved security and peace of mind – and it really is awesome!!

Finally, after a long day of meeting developers, I then had a chance to meet up with even more of them at the Geo DevMeetup. The evening social event gave about 200 of us a chance to enjoy a beer and some food while we listened to about 12 GeoGeeks describe what they are working on and how they are tackling their development challenges… be sure to look for a devmeetup in your area if you’ve never been to one – and consider doing a lightning talk as well – its a great opportunity for your business too!


Off to the exhibition hall floor to meet more developers now…