Businesses and Social Media – Most Fail to Plan

I’m pretty active on social media – both for business and pleasure – and have been for a long time (about 8 years now I’m guessing). I admit that one of my own personal observations is that I often have failed to plan out my social strategy, rather, just diving in and doing it! Well, it seems I’m hardly alone as some survey findings of business users on social media are also failing to plan out their strategies.

Endurance International Group surveyed almost 600 of their subscribers and found the following:

  • B survey participants currently have a social media presence on at least one social media platform (like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Google+), yet most do not have an established social media strategy.
  • 71% of respondents acknowledged that when it comes to social media, “we don’t have a plan, we just publish when we feel like it” was either “somewhat true” or “very true” for their company, and one third of respondents admitted that they do not have a defined brand or company profile and they are not sure how to ‘behave’ on social media.
  • The survey also asked about areas VSB owners would like to learn more about. Platforms surveyed VSBs most want to learn about include Instagram (25%), Twitter (25%), and Google+ (24%).
  • Other areas of interest for VSB owners include getting more likes or followers (64%), sharing promotional ideas with followers (43%), writing relevant content (42%) and curating relevant content to publish on social media (35%)

Interesting stuff and indeed something you and your business may with to ponder – see more in their PR

Author: gisuser

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