iPhone users focus on health, Android users prefer fitness

Opera Mediaworks has released a two-part study revealing how consumers use their mobile devices to interact and engage with health and fitness content.

The company found that:

iPhone users focus on health, Android more on fitness

  • • Health & Fitness users are more likely to have an iPhone.
  • • However, iPhone users are more into Health (62%) than Fitness (58%) while Android users consume more Fitness content than Health (39% vs. 30%).

Interest in health and fitness varies greatly by country

  • • Several Commonwealth countries (Canada, Australia and the UK) took the top three spots for being the most inclined toward Health & Fitness content, as measured by the ratio of impressions to that category.
  • • Lack of advanced medical care did not prompt more use of health sites; while 11% of total impressions are served in countries with the fewest doctors per capita, that audience consumes only 1% of health-focused site impressions.

Midweek use trumps weekend, two different time-of-day patterns appear

  • • Midweek (Tuesday and Wednesday) is the peak period; activity dies down on the weekend (Friday through Sunday).
  • • Health sites and apps have steady, high use in the early afternoon, though the most traffic and engagement happens around noon to 1pm.
  • • Fitness, on the other hand, sees the most activity in the afternoon and evening, with peak usage and engagement occurring between 9 and 10pm.

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