HP Wide formatt Plotting Goes Wide – PageWide!

Recently (June 2014) HP held a small event in San Diego to provide an official announcement of their new, Large Format Page-Wide Technology – designed to deliver wide format, high volume prints faster and cheaper than ever before!
HP has made it a point to specifically identify and target the growing GIS market for these new devices, in particular the T3500. With PageWide technology the company is introducing solutions that are faster than inkjet and LED technology while using high pigment inks providing very dark blacks and extremely vivid colors – the output is also resistant to water, smudge, highlighters and more!

This innovative technology, which consists of more than 200,000 nozzles on a stationary print bar and spans the width of the page, enables users to produce a variety of black-and-white and color applications, such as drawings, maps and posters. HP PageWide Technology will disrupt the $1.3 billion production printing market currently dominated by monochrome light-emitting diode (LED) printers

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