ParkScore Index Ranks Park Systems in 60 Largest U.S. Cities #ParkScore

Something of interest for parks and nature lovers… ParkScore uses advanced GIS (geographic information system) computer mapping technology to create digital maps evaluating park accessibility, making it the most realistic assessment system available. Instead of simply measuring distance to a local park, ParkScore’s GIS technology takes into account the location of park entrances and physical obstacles to access.

The 2014 ParkScore Index of parks. Minneapolis took top honors on The Trust for Public Land’s 3rd annual ParkScore® index, earning a perfect “5-park bench” rating from the nonprofit organization. Minneapolis remains the only city park system to earn the coveted “5 bench” score. New York, Boston, Portland, and San Francisco rounded out the top five. This year, Denver made the biggest upward move in ParkScore rating history, climbing ten places into a tie for 7th.

According to The Trust for Public Land, the 10 highest-ranking city park systems in the United States are:

1. Minneapolis 5.0 park benches
2. New York 4.5 park benches
3. Boston (tie) 4.0 park benches
3. Portland (tie) 4.0 park benches
3. San Francisco (tie) 4.0 park benches
6. Washington, DC 4.0 park benches
7. Denver (tie) 4.0 park benches
7. Sacramento (tie) 4.0 park benches
9. San Diego 4.0 park benches
10. Virginia Beach (tie) 4.0 park benches
10. Aurora, CO (tie) 4.0 park benches DEBUT CITY

The 10 lowest-ranking city park systems are:

51. Jacksonville 2.0 park benches
52. Santa Ana 1.5 park benches DEBUT CITY
53. San Antonio (tie) 1.5 park benches
53. Memphis (tie) 1.5 park benches
55. Oklahoma City 1.5 park benches
56. Mesa, AZ 1.5 park benches
57. Charlotte 1.0 park benches
58. Indianapolis (tie) 1.0 park benches
58. Louisville (tie) 1.0 park benches
60. Fresno 1.0 park benches

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