5 Things on Friday

Indeed, it has been a long time since I rolled out a piece for “5 Things on Friday” – a weekly (well not quite) feature where I share 5 of the coolest and most popular things from the week… enjoy!

5 things on friday

Top 10 Most Wanted Municipal Datasets Identified at 2014 Open Data Summit– Early in 2014 in Vancouver, BC, Canada the OpenData summit took place – an event for stakeholders, individuals, government, and businesses that are interested in OpenData and OpenData related matters. During the event the organizers conducted a survey of attendees to determine what are the top opendata sets that people want.

D-DAY 360 Takes Advantage of Cutting-edge Technology to Re-create Historic Invasion – Data gathered though forensic laser scanning, 3D computer modeling and eye-witness accounts bring the battlefield to life as never before. The film takes advantage of light detection and ranging technology, or LiDAR, to re-create the landscape and allow viewers to switch effortlessly between the macro and the micro – pulling back for the big picture and zooming in to a close-up of a single soldier on the battlefield

echosec What’s The Best Smartphone For Enterprise Solutions? – We now have a plethora of high-end gizmos from Apple, HTC, LG, Samsung, and even Huawei that could pass as a great business device. For this entry, check out  four recommended smartphones that offers a great value for your organization’s money.

exactEarth Small Vessel Tracking Service tracks millions of small vessels – This new solution offers customers real time near-coastal tracking using existing coastal AIS infrastructure and rapid update satellite tracking with exactEarth utilizing unique ABSEA technology when vessels are outside coastal range. This ensures that every vessel is tracked regardless of location.

slide 5 High-Tech Camping Tools For Your Next Trip – The days of going without showers, phone service and spending 20 minutes pitching your tent on weekend camping trips are over. Modern technology has taken some of the “roughing it” out of camping, but at the same time has made the experience more fun and efficient. Here are five items to consider before heading out…