Mashing up Two of My Favorite Things… Coffee + Maps for Coffee walkingshed communities

Yes indeed, I take notice when I see maps of things I really enjoy, like beer and coffee! Enter these maps showing “walkable regions” for independent coffee shops in major Metropolitan areas like Brooklyn, Portland, and Seattle.

Seattle independent coffeeshop map

Seattle independent coffeeshop map

These creative and colorful maps are not only functional, providing you with a nice view of which coffee shops are reachable on your next coffee break, but they are also beautiful as well! According to a story from Business Insider, “For these maps, the researchers used the Google Places API and the Google Distance Matrix” – the maps were developed by a social computing group at MIT as part of the You Are Here Project

From the Project:

Independent coffee shops are positive markers of a living community. They function as social spaces, urban offices, and places to see the world go by. Communities are often formed by having spaces in which people can have casual interactions, and local and walkable coffee shops create those conditions, not only in the coffee shop themselves, but on the sidewalks around them. We use maps to know where these coffee shop communities exist and where, by placing new coffee shops, we can help form them.

See all of the coffee shop walking maps (and more) HERE

Note: the project uses the Google Maps API as well as data from the Google Distance Matrix API