Geotech events and online training tips

The event and training season is busy indeed and it can be tough to keep tabs on everything. The following are but a few events that are of interest to the Geo professional and/or geo developer. To begin, something for developers from the USGS. Are you interested in hearing what one developer has been doing with USGS open data? Enter the webinar, Using The National Map services to enable your web and mobile mapping efforts - The USGS’ National Geospatial Technical Operations Center (NGTOC) will be hosting a 30 minute Webinar on “Using The National Map services to enable your web and mobile mapping efforts” on the 30th of April – nice stuff! And more training comes from Esri via online training and a session designed to help users Develop Offline Apps with ArcGIS Runtime SDKs – the training runs several times on April 24 - See details here. Finally, for mobile developers interested in creating apps and services for the Windows phone ecosystem Nokia has a number of events and training opportunities designed to get you up and running - see all the event times and dates HERE.

Are you planning an event or training session of some kind? Ping me @gletham with details

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