Social Media Guide For Parents (2014 Edition)

A valuable resource for parents was released today and it’s pretty darned nice – and useful! The social media guide for parents has been developed by the Liahona Academy (be sure to check out their website and the other valuable resources they provide) and is delivered as a free web-based resource and a comprehensive infographic – jam-packed with useful tips!

social media guide for parents

social media guide for parents

Some useful things pointed out in the guide include details of facebook’s new policy that enables kids to post publicly, and other tips and tricks regarding ways to safeguard user privacy.The guide also describes all the public social sites that are popular with teens and explains what they are and how they are used and they also suggest several social media monitoring tools.

Of particular interest in the guide is the list of 10 things that kids should not be doing online. These include:

  • illegal activities
  • bullying
  • trash talk about teachers
  • confidential info
  • location specific checkins
  • threats
  • unprofessional profiles
  • emotional posts
  • items that ignore school policies

See the Social Media Guide for Parents & supporting information HERE