My Secret For Press Release Writing and Distribution Made Easy

Here’s your dilemma, the boss has asked you to create a nice PR release to share an announcement with the World. You spend hours crafting a nicely worded release, double check the spelling, the grammar, and you fact check everything – now what? Well, you need to get the news out there. If you have a website you likely have a “News” section (if not then you have a blog), otherwise you need to make one FAST! Most important though, you need to distribute your release. Here’s where I’m going to share a HUGE secret of mine with you that will hopefully make your life easier (Note, ideally this advice is meant for any consultant or small business owner not interested in creating a newswire account on one of those wire services that charge several hundred$$ per release.

PRLog -
PRLog –

I strongly urge anyone who pushes out news to create a Free account on PRlog. The site is simple to use and is a great place to archive all your PR.  The site has a nice template to guide you through crafting your news release, you can create categories for your news, and the service will archive all your news and provide a nice place for you to point journalists and anyone else that might be interested in your news.

Once your PR has been crafted and published to your PRlog account you can then send out your email announcements to your lists, to all your media contacts, clients, and others. You might wish to copy/paste the text of your PR into your emails, or you might just pen a short synopsis and then provide a link to the html copy of your news release that resides on PRLog – Editors and other journalists will love you for this! Of interest, PRlog also provides useful stats for publishers, allows for embedding a graphic or logo (1) in your PR and also has enhanced (Pro) options for those needing a little more…

Go ahead and give it a try – you can thank me later! (PS: I love beer ;0)


The following are a few resources that I’ve shared over the years and are useful for anyone who continues to struggle with developing their corporate PR: