How Distracted Are you by Social Media? Webrate will tell you

A new web service helps employers determine just how distracted employees are with Twitter, facebook and emails – enter Webrate. The application gives users two options to block the internet.


  • Option 1: They set a time and disconnect. But they can get back online they restart their computer.
  • Option 2: They set a time and disconnect. But option two prevents them getting back online until the time is up, even if they restart their computer. This is the ultimate block for those needing an extra shot of discipline.

The application is being launch with a new survey about how access to the internet and social media on computers is reducing the productivity and work rate of workers, especially the increasing numbers of people who work from home. Of those surveyed, an astonishing 62% said they have been distracted from doing work on their computers by checking emails, browsing the web, and engaging with social media. Also 59% admitted that the reduction in productivity caused them dissatisfaction and unhappiness

More about the survey results:

The survey also found that 53% of people thought that checking their emails and social media while trying to get work finished revealed a worrying lack of impulse control.

63% said they lost their chain of thought because they checked and responded to an email or social media alert while they were working on a report or longer piece of written work.

Some 36% said checking emails and social media cost them more than an hour a day in productivity. 16% claimed they lost more than an hour a day.

59% said they spent more time checking social media, emails and browsing the web while working from home, although they also said working in the office also didn’t stop them from being distracted by the internet.

59% of respondents agreed that there was a correlation between a reduction in their happiness and satisfaction levels when they realised they had been less productive because they had checked emails, social media or browsed the web.

The survey was released by