Census Flows Mapper Shows Net In / Out Migration by County

Now available from the US Census Bureau, a very useful tool for business and others looking for population and migration trends by county.  The County-to-County Migration Flows Tables , which use data collected by the American Community Survey between 2007 and 2011, show how many U.S. residents move from one specific county to another during the course of a year.

The Census Bureau has updated its online mapping tool, the Census Flows Mapper , with the 2007-2011 American Community Survey statistics, permitting users to visualize these figures. One may select any county in the nation and view which counties had outbound flows from that county, inbound flows to that county, and a net gain or net loss in the exchange. One may also filter the map by educational attainment and income levels.

The application allows users to download statistics, zoom in and out on the map to an area of interest, view additional statistics of the selected county and save their map as a PDF file.

Also released today was a PowerPoint tutorial on how to navigate the tables and mapping tool and a working paper, 2007-2011 County-to-County Flows, which analyzes some findings.

See http://flowsmapper.geo.census.gov