It’s Official, Employees Are Wasting Time Meeting, Socializing and Surfing

Indeed this is a very common topic that often comes up, particularly when you ask someone about how their company uses social media or if they encourage it. Well now, a Canadian research firm has churned out some numbers that seems to indicate that the top wasters of people’s time at the office comes from socializing and needless or personal surfing of the Internet – big shocker right! For big business the culprit seems to be meetings .

From the research… One in 10 financial executives (10 per cent) polled said meetings drain significant time, with the data suggesting this issue is most pronounced at larger companies. At companies with 1,000 or more employees, meetings received 26 per cent of the response, compared to 9 per cent at firms with 20 to 49 workers.

CFOs were asked, Which one of the following is the greatest time-waster at work for employees?” Their responses:

Employees chatting and socializing 29%
Non-business related Internet use (including social media) 25%
Personal calls or emails 15%
Work-related email 14%
Meetings  10%
Other/don’t know 7%

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