Lizardtech Announces Express Server 9 with ExpressZip and 10 Cool things

This week, Seattle-based Lizardtech, the experts in image compression, have rolled out Express Server 9. After 10 years in development, Express Server at R9 boasts a painless, automated upgrade process for users [think upgrade in minutes while retaining all of your existing system configurations and migrating all catalogs] and something new and very cool for users, now included with Express Server is the ExpressZip web app.

Recall with Express Server users can quickly and easily distribute raster imagery via any client, including web and mobile. High visual quality is retained while support for all popular image data formats are supported including: MrSID, JPEG 2000, NITF, Geospatial PDF and more. Express Server runs in a 64 bit environment and as a bonus to new users, is available as a fully functional, free, 30 day trial (See

express server 9

ExpressZip is a free, open source web viewer provided to users enabling users to view all their imagery and data collections while also enabling users to search and query by geographic region, keyword, or projection – results are displayed along with a handy snapshot preview of the image to help the user identify the desired image product. ExpressZip is completely Open, fully customizable, and the source code is provided. Power users will enjoy this app and find it very useful when customized for their specific needs. Thanks to ExpressZip, you no longer have to scroll through the thousands of images in your collection to find what you

The 10 Coolest Things About Express Server 9 include (but are not limited to):

  1. Quick and easy dsistribution of high rez raster imagery
  2. MrSID Generation 4 (MG4) data compression
  3. Fast, simple, painless installation and deployment
  4. On the fly reprojection of data/imagery
  5. Fast delivery of multispectral imagery
  6. Integrate with any WMS-enabled GIS
  7. ExpressZip web tool means that your users can access imagery as soon as you finish installing Express Server
  8. Enables significant reduce cost for data storage and delivery
  9. Provides direct publish to express server from GeoExpress
  10. SPEED!

Note, for more info about MrSID take note that on Thursday Feb 6 Lizardtech is hosting a free webinar, 10 Years of Innovation – MrSID Then and Now

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