BullyVention maps Bullying in America via the Bullying Index

How do you increase awareness about the important topic of Bullying… you create a heat map naturally! Indeed, that’s exactly what one savvy youngster from Virgina has been doing via a project know ass BullyVention.

bullyvention map

About the effort… Viraj Puri, a 13 year old student from Fairfax County, Virginia, wants to create the only known live Social Media ‘Heatmap’ scanning daily instances of social media activity related to bullying. Still in a beta-phase (http://www.bullyvention.com/bullying-heatmap/), Puri is looking to partner with lead data scientists Dr. Xiaojin ‘Jerry’ Zhu of the University of Wisconsin and Kalev Leetaru, a fellow and adjunct faculty at Georgetown University. He has also reached out to Twitter and Facebook to allow them access to their data.

See the official PR announcement of the project here