The Denver Broncos Colorado 14ers Google Map Honors Super Bowl Bound Broncos

Some Google maps fun on the heels of the announcement by Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper that the Colorado Rockies mountains known as the 14ers (think elevation above 14,000 ft) have been temporarily, officially renamed to honor the super Bowl bound Denver Broncos.

From the official announcement… Gov. John Hickenlooper today announced a proclamation that temporarily renames Colorado’s tallest majestic mountain peaks — also known as 14ers — after individual active players on the Denver Broncos football team. The mountains will go by their new names for one day only — on Super Bowl Sunday

Feb 2 has been officially proclaimed Denver Broncos Mania Day in Colorado!

Colorado Rockies, Denver Broncos 14ers Google Map

Colorado Rockies, Denver Broncos 14ers Google Map

View all the peaks on this Google map to view the new, Denver Broncos 14ers – check out the map HERE – created by yours truly