10 Most Popular @GISuser Geotech Tweets of the week

There’s been loads of interesting geotech gems to share this week in the Twitter-sphere. On our @GISuser account we’ve had more than 100 retweets and replies to a number of the items shared. the following are 10 of the most popular Tweets we shared this week… enjoy!

  1. Don’t Care About Birds? You should… Why Birds Matter {video}
  2. Smartphone Users don’t Mind Sharing Their Location for Safety Reasons
  3. Boundless Celebrates Four Years of OpenGeo Suite with version 4.0.2
  4. Rats in New York – there’s a map {and OpenData} for that 
  5. Learn to Share Cached Imagery in Esri ArcGIS 
  6. Canadian Internet Policy and Public Interest Clinic (CIPPIC) Open Licensing Project 
  7. Local, state, region, Fed Governments – do you have an OpenGov OpenData portal to share? Add to this directory
  8. This map can help identify vaccine-preventable diseases in your region
  9. Time to Code Canada! The Canadian Open Data Experience (CODE) Hackathon #GCA4
  10. What is the Cloud? The Cloud, Simplified

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