Time to Code Canada! The Canadian Open Data Experience (CODE) Hackathon #GCA4

The Canadian Open Data Experience – CODE – is a 48 hour nationwide hackathon where innovators compete to build the best open data apps! — Taking a completely new approach to the creation of teams for this first national open data hackathon, CODE participants can create a team online and in a second step select team members based on the areas they are looking to get support in. The specially developed matchmaking tool in the sign-in section of the CODE website allows anyone to find the team members needed to take an idea from concept to completion. This means everyone has the chance to bring together an ultimate team of programmers, artists and designers and truly opens up the competition to everyone – regardless of digital prowess.

The Canadian Open Data Experience (CODE) is the first nationwide Open data Hackathon in Canada. An intense 48-hour coding sprint where innovators from coast to coast compete to build the best app utilizing federal government data from the Canadian Open Data Portal (http://www.data.gc.ca).

Sign up to participate in CODE today and begin to recruit a winning team, by clicking here. The 48 hour hackathon begins February 28th, 2014 at 5PM (local time) and ends on March 2nd, 2014 at 5PM (local time).

On twitter see @CODE_Hackathon & @gcappathon