Salish sea Oil Spill Map to Show Where the Oil will Travel in a PacNW Spill

An interesting new story map from the PacNW from the Raincoast Conservation Foundation and the Georgia Strait Alliance reveals sensitive areas and reveals where the oil would travel should a major spill take place in the area now know as the Salish Sea. How is it done? In an  innovative project, the groups  are dropping over 1000 small drift cards (4” x 6” pieces of bright yellow plywood, each with a unique serial number) at locations of higher risk of incident along the oil tanker route that runs from Burrard Inlet, through the Gulf and San Juan Islands and out into the Strait of Juan de Fuca.

Salish sea oil spill map project

Find out more about the science behind the project. and see the Salish sea Oil Spill Map HERE