NCAA Division I Football Map of The 58 highest drawing teams

A fun map for us football fans as this NCAA season winds down and we ramp up for another BCS and Bowl season (and as usual I’m hoping for anyone but the Buckeyes to win the BCS!).

NCAA football ranking map

This map by Bill Turianski shows the average attendance of all teams that drew more than 40,000 fans per game in 2007.  About the map… This map finally includes the teams that comprise pretty much all of the biggest rivalries in college football.  This can be seen with the inclusion of teams like Oregon State (v. Oregon),  Oklahoma State (v. Oklahoma),  Iowa State (v. Iowa),  Utah (v. BYU),  Kansas and Kansas State,  and Mississsippi and Mississippi State.  Also,  finally,  there are actually some teams from the northeast…Rutgers and Boston College.  The team closest to my hometown (of Rochester, NY),  Syracuse,  did not make the cut.  Their program is really in the doldrums,  with their head coach set for the axe,  and they only drew 35,009 last season (62nd highest). Thanks again to Randy for the tip here

Check it out on Bills sports maps

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