The USGS is Putting the Planet on the Map

A recent update from the USGS shares that there are now more than 400 new topographic maps available for the state of Alaska. These new maps that update and detail the physical features of the state are part of the Alaska Mapping Initiative. The AMI is a combined Federal, state, local and tribal program to support and improve maps and digital map data for Alaska, bringing Alaska topographic map and digital map data quality in line with the conterminous United States. Prior to AMI, many of the topographic maps from the state of Alaska had not been updated in nearly 50 years and were created in different scales.

The first 400-plus new US Topo maps for Alaska are now accessible and are the beginning of a multi-year project, ultimately leading to more than 11,000 new maps for the entire state. The maps are available for free download and manipulation on a computer.

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