Is Amazon Prime and UAV Drone Delivery Ready For Primetime?

Well, regardless of what you think or how you feel, Amazon and UAV technology are now firmly associated with each other. I suppose the recent announcement (albeit as crazy as it may seem) is good for the industry [UAV industry] as a whole, however, I’m sure it’s a little frustrating to UAV solution providers like Trimble (think Gatewing) and others who have massive investments in the technology only to see Amazon trumping everyone in one giant marketing effort the day before cyber Monday! Personally, I’m thinking that Amazon will likely get FAA approval for “drone delivery” sometime close to when Hell freezes over… but hey, it should be fun to see them try.

For the UAV technology leaders that are working on mobile flying solutions that protect the borders, critical infrastructure, homes, and lives perhaps people will really see the value in the solutions and services that they want to provide. Stay tuned I guess…until then, enjoy the video below showing off Amazon Prime

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