Need GeoGeeks to Follow on Twitter? Here’s a Top 100 List to Consider

Yaya, I know… top lists are subjective and all that stuff, however, you can’t argue with the fact that people really do dig lists and they can be pretty handy to get started with your research. Now I may be a little biased since I’m on the list (;0) but even still, this recently published list from OpenGeo (@Opengeo)  is pretty good and offers up suggestions to 100 GeoGeeks that you might wish to consider following on twitter or perhaps listing for yourself.

The OpenGeo crew used a nifty tool called LittleBird to generate a list of 100 “geo influencers” on Twitter. While you may or may not agree with the list, that’s not really the point here, rather, it is a good starting point and perhaps you could also use LittleBird for other purposes as well. Note, the list does include popular “magazines” and news zines which for the most part are broadcasting news and PR (GISuser, GISLounge, Drections etc…)  and while these streams are largely RSS feeds and not what we’d likely consider “influencial folks” they do get grouped in here mainly due to their following and re-tweets I suspect.

Image Credit: OpenGeo

OpenGeo did share the Top 25 generated in the list (below)  and they also shared a Twitter List and the complete list online via Google Docs (thanks to opengeo for sharing)

  1. Amanda Taub
  2. Gretchen Peterson
  3. James Fee
  4. Valerie Yakich
  5. Glenn Letham
  6. GIS Geospatial News
  7. Geospatial News
  8. Kate Chapman
  9. Bill Dollins
  10. Jim Barry
  11. Alex Chaucer
  12. OpenGeo
  13. Dave Smith
  14. Andrew Turner
  15. OpenStreetMap
  16. Dave Bouwman
  17. Don Meltz
  18. Jesse Rouse
  19. LindaHecht
  20. Andy Gup
  21. Jason Birch
  22. Justin C. Houk
  23. Adam Estrada
  24. Randal Hale
  25. Joe Francica

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  1. Thanks Glenn! As co-founder of Little Bird, I should point out that our list is actually *not* subjective. It’s more like an objective survey of thousands of geo specialists to see who *they* pay attention to. It’s no one single party’s opinion. Make sense? Thanks for the mention and sharing the list!

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