Mobile Tip – Nokia Lumia 520 + AT&T pre-Paid on no contract

Are you still having stress trying to figure out your monthly cell phone bill? No surprise as being under a contract can drive you crazy and then having to figure out all the charges can be a nightmare… consider a prepaid service from AT&T + a Nokia Lumia 520. For just $99 you can score a sweet Windows Phone 8 Lumia 520 sporting tons of functionality and features like access to HERE maps, free streaming music, awesome camera + video and more. Benefits of going pre-paid means no surprises when you get your bill, 4G and 4G LTE data speeds, unlimited Txt messaging in North America, NO CONTRACT, voice-mail, call forwarding and more – it really is a decent way to go if you can’t seem to get your mobile bill under control – honestly, if you pay more than $50 a month then you need some help!

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Author: gisuser

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