Volunteer Map Data Collection Opportunities to Build the National Map

Have you ever wanted to contribute to the National Map? Well, now that the USGS has embraced the crowd there’s an opportunity for you to do just that! If you have access to the Internet and are willing to dedicate some time editing map data we hope you will consider participating!

The USGS is recruiting volunteers to collect and update USGS geographic data. Similar to how OpenStreetMap allows anyone to collect, edit, and use geographic data through an online map editor, the USGS has developed an online editor customized to our data to allow volunteers to contribute data to The National Map (http://nationalmap.gov/) and The National Structures Dataset .

From the USGS…  We are looking for people like you to work with us to collect structures for the USGS. The data you will collect during this project will be loaded into The National Map

As the project progresses additional states will be released.

See More Volunteer Map Data Collection at the USGS and The National Map Corps project site

There are presently nineteen states available for volunteers to choose to update structures in