Spectral Transformer tool sets for Landsat-8 imagery from Geosage

Landsat-8 captures more than 400 scenes per day, and as of early June 2013 more than 20,000 scenes are already available. New from Geosage, free tools for working with Landsat 8 imagery.

GeoSage has released Spectral Transformer tool sets for Landsat-8 imagery to fill in this gap. The standalone tools are powerful and easy to use, and perform three steps of analyses:

  • Step 1: Simple band combination to make three-band imagery composite
  • Step 2: Adaptive linear and non-linear image stretching to make colorful imagery composite
  • Step 3: Advanced and fast image pan-sharpening to make spatially sharper and colorful composite

The tools specifically target Landsat-8 imagery in GeoTIFF format directly downloaded from the USGS Landsat-8 distribution portals, e.g. GloVis.

See more from Geosage and see also the official announcement HERE

Source: geosage.com via Glenn on Pinterest